Returning to Work After Maternity Leave: How to Find a Job

Returning to Work After Maternity Leave: How to Find a Job 1

Becoming a parent means so much in the life of every person. However, it makes great changes. Everything alters the pace of your life, priorities, even your career plan. Before having a baby you may see your career path in one way, but when you’re a parent your views might become the opposite.

Maternity leave can be short or long but it certainly causes some changes in your career. It’s not bad, it’s just a new page in your life. You’ll face challenges, of course. And the longer your leave is, the more efforts you’ll put to find a new, proper job.

Don’t panic! You need information, patience, and confidence. And you’ll overcome those difficulties!

Here is information to ease a job hunt after you leave.

Prepare yourself psychologically

When your maternity leave is coming to end and you have to decide on your career, you may feel baffled and unconfident. Try the tips listed below. They’ll help you to clear your head.

Reevaluate your priorities. It’s the very first thing you have to do. Consider if you are able to perform the same duties as you did before having a baby. Ask yourself the next questions:

  • Can I work long hours? Or do I need flexibility?
  • Is it better to work less and get a lower salary now?
  • What do I think of childcare?
  • Can I rely on a nanny (kindergarten, grandparents or whoever) and make my way up on the career ladder? Or would it be better to put my career off and look after my child on my own?
  • Do I really want to do the same job? What about switching my career?

Ask as many questions as you can. Dig deep and give true answers. Perhaps, you’ll find new perspectives for yourself!

Support your self-confidence and professionalism. When you perform the duties at your work every day, the question of professional self-esteem doesn’t arise. But when you’re out of work for a long time, it becomes a problem. To avoid it, keep up with your colleagues, try to attend professional events, be aware of new trends, read materials related to your job. Yes, it’s really difficult when you have a baby on your hands 24/7! Ask your relatives or friends for help since it’s crucial not to get out of the game for you.

Looking for a new job

If you’ve decided to find new perspectives in your life and career, you need some guidance. Here are some tips for you.

Decide on the best shift for you. Before you apply for the job, consider job arrangements: part-time job, flexible hours, job-sharing, working from home, etc. Choose a suitable schedule for your needs.

Update your resume, cover letter, and references. Yes, you haven’t worked for a while, but you’re still a strong pro. If you gained new skills related to your job during maternity leave, do mention it in your resume. In a cover letter, you should describe your relevant skillset and briefly refer to the issue of your employment gap.

Update your social networks. Let your contacts know that you’re looking for a job and what role you’d like to pick up. To renew your LinkedIn page. What if somebody is looking for the person like you now?

Have somebody to take care of your child while you’ll be attending interviews. These people must be on hand so that you don’t delay meetings for the reason you can’t leave your baby. It’s a bad signal for a potential employer.

Find a dependable source where you can seek a job. For example, use a job site, there you’ll find plenty of companies offering a job. It’s quite easy to get any kind of job there. Sign up to receive email alerts, and you’ll get interesting openings for you as soon as they appear.

Additional tips

  • Do not agree to a low salary just because you were on maternity leave. You’ve got a gap in your employment, not in your qualification or skillset.
  • Look for a company with family-friendly policies. Such policies may include the availability of affordable childcare; ability to breastfeed at work; flexible working time, etc.
  • Choose such working terms so that you can keep life and work balance.

For sure, you will find a job! Just take enough time to get accustomed to a new way of life, review your priorities and be kind to yourself. If you’re calm and delighted with your life, it will have a good impact on your job search.

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