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Samsung 750 EVO SSD launches to Give Competition

Hey Guys as earlier there were Only Kingston and Sandisk making high end SSD’s for you, but now finally Samsung jumps up in Indian market with there high end 750 Evo series which were just creating the bang in other countries.

The 750 EVO solid state drive (SSD) will now be available in 3 different storage medium 120GB, 250GB and all new 500GB capacity (which is just lined up in there series). The 750 EVO SSDs will provide mainstream consumers and PC builders a special path from there old slow hard disk drives (HDDs) towards the new high speed and more reliable SSD’s, which will help them in there daily storage solution.


Samsung is offering cutting-edge memory solutions, with there 750 EVO SSDs by using advanced NAND flash technology and which are packed with the company’s proprietary TurboWrite, Dynamic Thermal Guard protection and RAPID Mode features that work together to get high performance. The 750 EVO SSDs provide sequential read and write speeds of up to 540MB/s and 520MB/s respectively, when TurboWrite is used.

The 750 EVO line-up is the only PC upgrade option that will give turbo-charge computing and multi-tasking at home, school and office.  With the use of Samsung Data Migration and Magician software, upgrading to the 750 EVO from existing storage device is quick and easy. The SSD also comes up with reliable AES 256-bit hardware encryption to ensure stored data remain safe and secure. Unlike an HDD, the 750 EVO SSD has no moving parts like rings, so you do not need to worry about the wear and tear of those moving parts that can result in lost or corrupted data.


Samsung is also lined up and will offer the new 750 EVO 500GB with a three-year limited warranty or 100 terabytes written (TBW) in more than 50 countries and areas, including the USA, Europe, China, Korea, and other regions starting in early June. The 750 EVO 500GB’s MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) will be available in India for Rs 12,999, where as prices for lower end storage capacity will obviously be lower.

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