Seagate launches its most advanced mobile consumer drives yet

Seagate launches its most advanced mobile consumer drives yet

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Over the last era, the mobile uprising has malformed productivity, creativity, and gaming. With this transformation, you can now store everything on the cloud. Although the benefits of the cloud are irrefutable, technology fanatics, gamers, and creative professionals still want their off-line data and sometimes the need to take their digitally stored content with them on the go.

Seagate is back again with their two amazing device for your storage solution. The company proudly announced the next variant of bestselling storage units 2TB FireCuda and 5TB BaraCuda. Both products are based on the Seagate’s 2.5 inch 1TB storage device which was introduced couple months before. Both the devices are best storage solution for any mobile pc.

2TB FireCuda:

The 2Tb Firecuda is the thinnest and lightest 2TB hard drive in the market. It uses 8GB of flash which enables rapid boot time and maximize games load up speed. This compact device includes new firmware and some unique caching algorithms that analyses system performance. The algorithm work combined with the system level chipset to insure the health of the hard drive and make sure that all the functions are perfectly fine and synchronized. The concept is known as Multi-Tier caching, which is more similar to a self-helping AI.

5TB BaraCuda:

As we know that the BaraCuda are the best in class hard drives, that delivers a magnificent performance. The hard drive will be available in a super thin 7mm mobile body. The device is also available in a 15mm design for external pc. The BaraCuda are no doubt and impressive storage unit, which will never let you down.

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