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Seagate launches World’s fastest Hard Drive

Seagate technology is back again with an intruding device for your storage solution. It is the fastest hard drive in the market right now. The Seagate Enterprise 15K HDD v6, the device features storage up to 900GB and delivers an impeccable speed up to 315 MB/s. The device enables consumers to move a large amount of data very quickly and with a seamless speed. It is a perfect companion for business and power users. The device will be available worldwide this quarter.


The 900GB Enterprise features a 15K HDD technology, which is demand now days of the servers and data center manages who like to manage their budget and storage both at the time. The device is much capable to full fill the higher read and write caching techniques, which basically maximize the data acquisition.

The device is a 2.5 inch small, which is a best product for data center users who mostly requires a low power and a dense server environment use. The device utilizes the Seagate’s fast format feature, which is available in 512 native and a single format 512e and 4Kn model that supports current systems. The device also gives a robust data security while the drive is at rest, which highlights features like recording and quality management, reliability and protection from data loss and unexpected removable.

The device is supported by demonstrated technologies and Seagate’s proven reliability, the new Enterprise Performance 15K HDD family delivers enterprise-class specifications such as 2 million hours MTBF (mean time between failures) and a low annualized failure rate of 0.44 percent.

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