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Canary Smart Security Device

To what extent will you go to keep your home safe? The answer is, you will do everything that will keep your home safe and sound. You use fire alarm, intruders alarm, temperature control alarm and what not. Canary home security is the best replacement for all your home security devices.

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Canary is a smart device that contains an HD video camera as well as different sensors that can track everything from motion, temperature and air quality to vibration, sound, and activity to help keep your family and your home safe. It alerts you when it senses anything out of the ordinary, for example, sudden temperature changes that can indicate a fire, to the sound and movement that could mean an intrusion.

Canary Key features:

Canary: The first smart home security device

  • HD camera.
  • Siren.
  • Microphone.
  • Temperature control system.
  • Night vision.
  • Air quality analyzer.
  • Motion detection sensor.
  • Humidity analyzer.

It has some of the following principles:

1) Simplicity- The earlier devices take a lot of time for set-up and were difficult to manage but this smart device is quick to setup and easy to manage. So no need to feel intimidated now.

2) Intelligence- Traditional home security systems have a 99% false alarm rate. It is annoying and causes most households to stop using their systems over time. But Canary is a smart system that learns your home’s activity and rhythm over time. You will have fewer false alarms and fewer false alarms mean more consistent use, which ultimately means more reliable security.

3) Empowerment- Earlier we have to buy different systems for various types of security. But Canary had all the core features you want and given the power in your hands to decide when and how to use it. Control and respond from your smartphone. That is what a home security should be.

Why should you buy it?

Canary Smart Security DeviceYou can download the free Canary app and receive alerts. Add your friends or family as your backup, and see live streaming of video, audio and other data with as many phones as you like. This new smart home security device gives you the power to use it the way you like. It is easier to use than the previous devices. Also, this single device has all the features you need but still is a lot cheaper than other conventional home security devices.

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It is a completely revolutionary security device like nothing else in the market. So we suggest trying this device out. Secure your home and connect with people like never before.

Pricing and availability:

The Indiegogo campaign has ended but you can still pre-order Canary at The starting price of the device is 149$. So go and grab it now.

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