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Good news comes that you may expect song recognition on Apple Music in the years to come given its surprising acquisition move for Shazam. As Apple Music always brings forth the fresh, it is yet not a good deal to still get stuck with some little matters. Today you’re expected to see the detailed analysis of possible Apple Music problems and a reliable Apple Music solver, Tunefab Apple Music Converter.


  1. Possible Apple Music Problems That May Stick with You
  2. Reliable Apple Music Solver: TuneFab Apple Music Converter
  3. Top Features
  4. Operation Guide
  5. Conclusion

1. Possible Apple Music Problems That May Stick with You

  • Can I listen to Apple Music offline?

A long press on the album cover will pop up the menu with Make Available Offline option. If you want a certain song, enter the playlist and you can see an icon behind each song. Click it and select the offline option. But these offline Apple Music disappears as your subscription expires. See more on our Apple Music Solver.

  • Can I only play Apple Music on certain devices?

Yes, you can only play Apple Music on a device authorized with Apple ID. That’s because it adopts a special format (.m4p) under DRM protection. If you want to play it on other devices and media players, find an alternative way to our Apple Music Solver.

Apple Music

  • I often take a backup for some favored tracks, but I failed to burn Apple Music to CD this time. What actually is it?

Actually, iTunes supports burning Apple music to CD, except that some audio items are restricted to do so. You might run across one like that. To work it out, you need to get the special apple music file available. Please turn to our Apple Music solver to answer for it.

  • I heard Apple Music offers preferential service to students? How it works?

Yes, it’s called UNiDAYS for students at a degree-granting university or college to enjoy a 50% discount within the academic year, at most 48 months (4 years). But you have to pass the “Verify Eligibility” requiring for your academic email address (.edu). A great deal is that you can keep purchased Apple Music available even after subscription, if with our Apple Music solver.

Apple Music 1

  • If I stop the subscription, is it possible to still play Apple Music songs in the cache?

Often not. Or the songs disappear quietly sometime later. Alternatively, I think you get to see the Apple Music solver in the next part and get a long time use for Apple music.

  • I’ve tried to edit the Apple music items.Seemingly Apple Music doesn’t offer the service. Can you figure it out?

Most people suffer that kind of problem. You might as well try our Apple Music solver, and it will help you to process the music tracks, like changing bitrate, adding subtitle and so on.

2. Reliable Apple Music Solver: TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Here you can find an ultimate solution for Apple Music with TuneFab Apple Music Converter. I bet it that you can find a good answer for all the Apple Music problems above. Based on dealing with the DRM restriction, this software turns out to be a reliable Apple Music assistant regardless of time limits, device limits and so on.

3. Top Features

  • Remove DRM restrictions from Apple Music
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3 and other formats
  • Burn Apple Music to CD without any obstacle
  • Customize audio parameters like codec, bitrate, etc.
  • Freely enjoy Apple Music without limits of subscription time and device
  • Run at a 16X faster speed to achieve lossless batch conversion
  • Work on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac

4. Operation Guide

Furthermore, TuneFab Apple Music Converter shows great strength in simple operative steps. Next, you will see how to convert Apple Music to MP3.

Step 1. Launch TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Double click the software icon and launch it. Then you will see the main interface. It will automatically launch and connect your iTunes to PC.

Try it Free (Windows)             Try it Free (MAC)

Step 2. Add Apple Music Songs

Select your Apple Music Playlist and then tick all the song items you want to convert on the right column.

tunefab apple music converter 1

Step 3. Arrange Output Settings

Select “MP3” in the dropdown list of Output Format. You can also try other formats at your request. Decide the “Output Folder” for the sake of ensuring file search. You can also make a personalized change over the parameters.

tunefab apple music converter 2

Step 4. Convert Apple Music to MP3

Click the “Convert” button on the top left. Then TuneFab Apple Music Converter will instantly process Apple Music conversion.

tunefab apple music converter 3

The converted Apple Music will be restored to the output folder you have set. After a fast conversion, now you can free from the DRM restrictions of Apple Music, and play them on any device or player at your will.

5. Conclusion

Now it comes to the end of today’s feature. We have already answered some Apple Music questions and introduced a new Apple Music solver: TuneFab Apple Music Converter. It’s great that these suggestions would do you a good favor to enjoy Apple Music freely.

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