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Segway Self-balancing Smart HoverBoard – Future Alternative of Walking?

The hoverboard is exciting as a new age tech. This kind of devices creates a futuristic enjoinment in the society i which we live. We have seen a lot of hover board like hover boards without the wheel, hover boards with the wheel. The without wheel hover board are in experimental phase, but the wheeled hover board is in town. So, grab it and take a swing with it.

Segway self-balancing hover board is new electric scooter allows a much more stable ride and a faster response. It is safe and easier to control. The turning radius can also be zero, which means it can use in a very narrow space. You can also stand still on that and can turn 360 degrees in a spot. Just step on, the mechanism is very simple, and you will be able to ride it.

Segway Smart HoverBoard

You can buy this awesome device on Tomtop.com for just 236.69 EUR (18,000 INR approx.), You can also apply a coupon code which will give a 15 EUR discount on the device.

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  • High-tech self-balancing technique
  • Double balance with a built-in gyroscope and gravity sensor.
  • Can turn 360 degrees at a spot.
  • Adopts the most advanced technology which makes it much smaller and much lighter.
  • The Germany-imported motor which is very powerful.
  • High-temperature resistant.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Large-capacity battery.
  • Aluminum alloy wheel which constructed of aviation aluminum alloy can carry a maximum load of 120 kg.
  • Superior natural rubber tire for a smooth drive on any constructed road.
  • Body feeling non-skid rubber pedals can flex up and down to open or close.
  • The pressure sensor can detect whether a rider is standing on it or not.
  • Cool and fashionable LED front lights.

Self-balancing Smart HoverBoard


Distance15km ~ 20km (depends on rider’s weight, road conditions, etc)
Max Climbing Angle15° ~ 30° (depends on rider’s weight)
Battery36V * 4.4AH (158WH) lithium battery
Max Power500W
Working Temperature-10 °C ~ +40 °C
Max Loading120kg
AdapterInput: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.5A
Charging Time1H ~ 2H
Speed Protection10km/h ~ 15km/h
Low Battery ProtectionYes
ColorBlack / Blue / Red / White (optional)
Size584 * 186 * 178mm / 23 * 7.3 * 7in
Tire Diameter170mm / 6.7in
Net Weight10kg
Package Size65 * 25 * 25cm / 25.6 * 9.8 * 9.8in
Package Weight12.5kg / 27.5lb

Coupon code: Scooter15

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