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Billions of emails are sent every day and apparently 90% of them of are mostly spam, which are very hard-hitting for a growing startups and organizations, because that is one of the most viable way they can promote their innovative product. A promotion of a product plays an essential role in the marketing business, it’s not just reach a certain audience but actually creates a hype and interest of the product in customer’s mind.

If one can implement email marketing properly it can benefit a lot to their startup. They can increase their profits and also get more customer right out of the product box. Now, there are tons of email marketing service providers and all of them are good enough to let you grow but which one is the preeminent and which one is suitable for your startup. It’s kind of hard to find a righteous service that can deliver the most promising marketing service which you need to find as every startup/business is unlike and they all need a different marketing strategy according to their product and platform.

Well, so far we have encountered with an amazing email marketing service known as Sendpulse which stands out of all of them. The folks of Sendpulse offers a variety of special service, that includes bulk email marketing, SMTP server, bulk web push notifications, SMS services and an AI integrated API, all together they deliver an exceptional marketing service.

“One of the best Startup of the Next Web Scale 2016 Program.”

Sendpulse uses an Artificial intelligence functionality which enhances the process of bulk email sending, it also manages and recognizes if the emails have been seen or not. By doing so it increases the email opening rate to up to 50%, which is indeed very beneficial for startups. It also optimizes the messaging time and delivery time, so if your customer has not seen the email he/she can get a push notification or an SMS of that promotional offer. Let’s check out some of SendPulse exciting feature.

Sending Bulk email:

One of the prominent features of SendPulse is their bulk email sending, that simplifies the promotional emails into a singular group so that you don’t have to send and type every individual email address, and a contact list with an email address would be enough. All graphical emails are configured to be shown in any type of screen whether it’s a mobile device or laptop, which is very necessary for these day.

Thanks to the AI integrations system, you can now keep records of the email that have been sent and can even see any analytics report for betterment for business. The Analytics keeps tracks of number of links clicked, number of email seen, number of subscriber, etc.

With the Automation service one can send emails as well as SMS and web push notification to their users who have not seen the mail, all together they deliver an incomparable email marketing service, which eases the workload and increase more engagement with customers.

SMTP server:

Simple mail transfer server is actually a setup constructed for your special email, push notification, SMS sending need. An free SMTP relay server has a dedicated IP address that increases the sender reputation so that your email would not go into any SPAM folder. It also shows that the emails are sent by an authenticated user such as an organization. These servers are very fast, reliable and are the best in their job of sending an email and keeping records.

Web Push and SMS notifications:

Notifications are attentive, no matter what you do if the person doesn’t get notified that he has received an email, he will surely not check his smartphone. A notification helps the promotion running smoothly, we know who has seen it and who has not, who is getting the emails and who’s getting SMSs. It just simplifies important things and so you get a higher rate of the subscription. SMS notifications play a vital role in this because they are delivered even when you’re offline.


So far, we love the email marketing service, it’s the best option for any new or old startup/business to get an easy promotion. It has a friendly user interface and a very subtle UI, which makes it more convenient to use. You can log in from anywhere and send promotional emails to your subscribers. The best part that we like is that we can easily drag and drop emails, which are nothing but some customise templates that helps us a lot in the creation of promotional emails. The folks at SendPulse also offers premium features that include much more bulk emails and more advance email creations and some premium templates. So, forget those conventional email marketing services try this out, you’ll surely not regret it.

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