How to Setup And Download Chromecast to New WiFi


Connect your HDTV with the world’s most popular streaming device Google Chromecast. Don’t get puzzled with Chromecast manual book. Just follow these simple steps to set up and download Chromecast.

If you love to watch movies then Chromecast can be your first choice. It enhances your TV viewing experience and all you to get more from just a TV show, videos, Youtube, Music from Netflix, Chrome, HBO, Go and Pandora becomes a game of simply plug and play for you. It supports all leading platforms like Android phones, Android tablets, iPhones, iPads and chromecast on Mac as well as windows. If you purchased a Chromecast recently, here are some suggestion How to setup Chromecast in the first run.

1. Plug Chromecast into Your HDTV

The first step, actually this is not a technical a step, but still it a starting of the Chromecast account set up for the first time. So make sure your WIFI network is working properly. Unseal your google Chromecast out of the box and simply plug it into your HDTV’s USB Port. Once all set, it’s time to go to the next step. When it start processing flash light get start blinking. It means it turns on mode.

2. Switch the HDTV Input

Easy Step of google Chromecast installation process, Changes HDTV input to the HDMI port in which google Chromecast is already connected. Soon, you will find out on “set me up” message flashing on your screen. Simply click on that before we process to next step.

3. Download Chromecast App

Go to and download Chromecast setup. Also, get free technical assistance if you feel problem in downloading and installation. Make Wi-Fi enable with your HDTV. Now you can manage all your Chromecast settings. Chromecast has Mac, windows and android apps available for setting up Chromecast account. Now, Go to Google Chromecast setup page and click installation with the platform that you are using.

4. Run the Chromecast Software

Chromecast setup app will show you list of Chromecast nearby you. Choice them up to work with your Wi-Fi network.

5. Enter Wi-Fi Information

Enter the password for your network and Chromecast will connect to it. Enter the password for your network and Chromecast will connect to it. Once it’s connected, you’re ready to stream Netflix, YouTube, and google Play media.

Finally, it will ask for your Wi-Fi network before connecting to your wifi network. Else it will give an error of Wi-Fi connection. Enter your Wi-Fi network password and google Chromecast will connect automatically. Once it done, you are ready to explore the world of TV with streaming Netflix, Youtube, Google play media and HBO.

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