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Why shouldn’t you use mysql_* functions in PHP Anymore ?

The mysql functions in PHP are not used anymore ,it is going replaced by the newer versions of PHP like PHP 5.5 + versions which using  mysqli or PDO extensions rather then using mysql queries.Since it is deprecated, using it makes your code less future proof.

Main Reasons to Avoid mysql functions in php

  • Is not under active development
  • Is officially deprecated as of PHP 5.5.
  • Has been removed entirely as of PHP 7.0
  • Lacks an OO interface which Object Oriented Interface
  • Doesn’t support:
    • Non-blocking, asynchronous queries
    • Prepared statements or parameterized queries
    • Stored procedures
    • No support for multiple statements.
    • Transactions
    • The “new” password authentication method (on by default in MySQL 5.6; required in 5.7)
    • All of the functionality in MySQL 5.1
    • No prevention for SQL Injection.

Currently,PHP offers three different APIs to connect to MySQL. There are the mysql, mysqli, and PDO extensions.

What is PDO ?

PDO refers to PHP Data Objects which is a database access layer providing a uniform method of access to multiple databases.

Why mysql functions are need to Deprecated?

Moving away from ext/mysql is not only about security, but also about having access to all the features of the MySQL database.It is less secure then newer versions of mysql extensions.As well as Slow as compare to the advance techniques of connecting databases in php.It will soon going to end the support of new servers as well as localhost software.Therefore,all the developers are already started shifting towords the new vewrsions of mysql extensions which are far more secure,fast and easy.

What should you move to New Versions ?

There is absolutely no reason to use ext/mysql you can choose one of the other, more modern, extensions instead and reap the rewards of the benefits they offer.Consider whether you really need to upgrade to PHP v5.5 at this time.Because lots of software already removed the support of mysql_* functions.Some localhost new softwares such as new Wamp already remove the support of php 5.4 and below versions. To help a developer to  write more future proof code .

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