What Are The Skills Required For One To Be A Good Online Latin Tutor

What Are The Skills Required For One To Be A Good Online Latin Tutor

Ancient scholars who existed before the 20th century preferred using Latin when publishing books on Literature, Philosophy, Law, Science, and Theology. During that time, Latin was the preferred language for royalties and elite societies. The prestigious nature of Latin tempted scholars to borrow many words and convert them into English. For instance, the word ‘villa’ is a direct derivative from Latin.  ‘Sub’, which means under in Latin, appears in English words such as subway and submarine.

The undeniable popularity of e-learning has made it possible for interested students to learn basic and advanced Latin from online-based Latin tutors. If you’re fluent in Latin and really interested in training students how to become better Latin speakers, you can create your own online course and earn handsomely from it.

Here are four important skills you need to become an excellent online-based Latin tutor.

1.Amazing Fluency

A fluent teacher will always produce students proficient in Latin. Fluency ensures that your students learn the right pronunciations when interacting with other Latin speakers. In addition, one can use past and present tenses correctly when typing academic essays. A teacher with advanced knowledge in Latin will also expand their students’ vocabularies and this makes their speech interesting.

Students under the guidance of a fluent Latin speaker can also understand the various meanings of synonyms when used in varying contexts.

2.Great Listening Skills

Good listening skills enable the teacher to correct students when they pronounce words wrongly. You’ll have to do a lot of listening after giving students oral assignments requiring them to pronounce Latin sentences and phrases. Listening also helps you to notice when students confuse tenses or use the wrong plural words in their speech.

You’ll require a secluded quiet office that’s ideal for listening to audio assignments. It’s advisable to get a decent quality of headphones and sound editing software.

3.Good Time Management

As an online tutor, you should ensure that your lessons start and end at the intended time. You may get tempted to spend an extra 20 or 30 minutes to hammer in points that required clarification. However, doing this could mean that other students have to begin their lessons twenty minutes after the appointed time. It could also hinder you from marking and returning assignments in compliance with your lesson schedule.

4.Good Motivator

Learning Latin requires significant amounts of time and energy. Sometimes a student may be facing personal challenges that make it hard for him or her to focus on the lessons. It’s also common to see students struggling when learning advanced topics such as translation or writing essays. A good teacher will get the best out of each student by speaking motivational words and offering some rewards every now and then.

Now You Know

Adhering to the four tips explained above will enable you to kickstart your online teaching career in the right direction. Your students will definitely appreciate you and get interested in becoming long-term clients.

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