Produce Better Presentations with 100% Editable PowerPoint Templates Produce Better Presentations with 100% Editable PowerPoint Templates 1

There comes a time when we’re required to create a presentation and showcase the same in front of an array of audience. A majority of people would end-up picking PowerPoint for the task. PowerPoint is that readily available and easy to use presentation tool which has a large user-base and acceptability around the world. For the purpose of creating amazing presentations, PowerPoint is surely an impressive tool.

Now, being a state of the art addition in Microsoft’s Office pack, PowerPoint is widely used by students, teachers, professionals as well as individuals to support their presentation endeavors. Microsoft also provides default and ordinary set of PowerPoint templates and design to further support your goals. The designs offered are somewhat generic and they might not be suitable for everybody. If you’re a serious presenter or if you’re looking forward to wooing your audience with innovation, then you must stand out.

The solution to innovation is fairly simple, you can take help from professional PowerPoint templates providers such as and craft out of the box presentations. Not only this move will save you valuable time, but it’ll also improve your presentation making skills. Getting access to great quality presentation templates have now become much easier with SlideModel. You can even search your favorite template amidst a plethora of presentation designs and can further download it as well.

What really is

SlideModel is a presentation templates provider which houses a diverse range of ready to use PowerPoint templates and slide designs ready for business presentations. You can view, download, edit and use these presentation designs as per your requirement. Also, it should be noted that the templates are 100% customizable and a user can always add their personal touch. The rich collection of templates, graphics and other designs at are making it a favorite destination for serious presentation enthusiasts. Customization rests at the core of SlideModel, the templates are highly editable and can be accessed through the website’s simple navigation and search support.

For the presenters, having access to SlideModel means to have thousands of designs available at your service to use when you need to finish an important slide deck. Moreover, the presentation templates can be edited and customized in terms of colors, font or images.

Professionally Tailored PowerPoint Templates Produce Better Presentations with 100% Editable PowerPoint Templates 2

Templates have been tailored to suit your respective requirement. From students, teachers to corporate audiences, all-kind of presenters can utilize the large pool of templates available. There are dedicated sub-sections for business-related presentations including popular business models like SWOT, Strategic Maps, BCG, Gantt charts and more. You can pick your favorite template in Strategy, or prepare a great SWOT analysis presentation or even an important presentation for your marketing team. The platform encompasses templates for a variety of business purposes. Business PowerPoint templates are one of the most popular offerings at SlideModel. Produce Better Presentations with 100% Editable PowerPoint Templates 3

You can make use of complete slide decks and presentation templates such as Nemesis template or the Invictus PowerPoint template, including dozens of useful slide designs and layouts to enhance your presentations with vibrant colors and styles. In short, either you wish to differentiate amongst various points or you wish to project data, template support is given for every requirement.

Editable Maps for PowerPoint

As a matter of fact, professional speakers would relate to this, there comes a time when you’re required to present Maps in your presentation. The biggest problem that a speaker might inculcate is flexibility. With editable map templates, you can project and focus on any state, any country and literally any continent throughout the world. You can download the map templates and can use it as per your will. Also, if you’re looking forward to presenting crucial data about the country of business, you can leverage these templates by SlideModel. Produce Better Presentations with 100% Editable PowerPoint Templates 4

Taking advantage of the new Morph features in PowerPoint 2016 and Office 365, the presenter can prepare awesomely animated slide decks with stunning effects like zooming in a map to highlight an important region or zone. This helps to produce impactful presentations in minutes and delight your audience.

PowerPoint Shapes

People often end-up making the presentation boring due to the fact that there is more and more ordinary text. When you’re making a presentation, one should take utmost importance while displaying information and text. Further, the information should be presented in such a manner so that the audience really engages with you. SlideModel offers a unique graphics innovation in the form of PowerPoint shapes. These graphics are available in various kinds of signs, icons, 3D shapes and you can even download them and use in your existing presentations. It is beneficial to avoid over-stuffing of a presentation with text and leverage the untold power of images. Produce Better Presentations with 100% Editable PowerPoint Templates 5

Example of 100% editable rocket shapes in a PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint Diagrams

Stressing more upon the importance of graphics for your presentation. PowerPoint Diagrams are an out of the box way to make your presentation successful. You can pick ‘N’ number of layouts and structures for your presentation. An individual can also include diagrams to do more in less number of slides. Infographics can also be accessed at SlideModel which will help you trim your presentation length while keeping a reality check on audience engagement factor. Replace those ordinary bullet points with diagrams worth remembering. Project information precisely.

Is it really worth it?

If you are a presenter looking forward to 100% customization for your PowerPoint templates, can be a win-win. Apart from that, the platform features a modern 16:9 aspect ratio. The templates are also highly compatible with the likes of Keynote, Google Slides as well as different versions of Microsoft PowerPoint and Office 35. Instant download option available and there are multiple plans available depending on your presentation requirements. Fresh templates are also added to the large collection frequently, almost every day.

According to Microsoft (By The Numbers), there are 1.2 billion installs of Microsoft Office and PowerPoint is the preferred tool supported in presentation rooms around the world. Using pre-designed templates for PowerPoint is a way you can save valuable time and get more control to design a presentation that delights your audience.

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