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Smart Game Booster – Review

Amid coronavirus lockdown, games are coming to the rescue. While the netizen stays at home for 21 days in India, they are finding ways to escape their boredom and what’s a good way than playing games with your friends. Multiplayer games are the sweet choice of PC lovers. Games like Call of Duty and PUBG are experiencing high traffic on their server, although some people are running these games smoothly, some are having a tough time. And for those folks, we have got something that will boost your PC to the level where every game will run smoothly.

The Smart Game Booster by PCGameBoost is an optimizing software specifically designed to play PC games. The software has various features, including overclocking of the CPU, Disk defragment, pc diagnosis, Frame per Second (FPS) booster, and temperature monitor. It also lets you know if your pc driver needs an update or not.

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Features we like

One of the key features we like is the Overclocking of the CPU. The software enables the user to overclock their CPU clock speed. You don’t manually have to enter any specific clock speed frequency for the CPU, it automatically chooses the right clock speed to play your desired game. Just one click and you’re good to go.

FPS booster is another feature that will genuinely increase your gaming performance. Low FPS delivers bad results in video performance and quality. For smooth gameplay, one should have at least a 60Hz display. The software allows users to boost RAM and CPU performance quickly increasing the FPS for better gaming.

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GPU temp monitor comes very handily in identifying key performing issues. CPU and GPU’s temperature increases while playing games, the right amount of cooling of the PC will increase the gaming performance. The temperature monitor provides detailed information about the components such as CPU, GPU, Hard Disk, Motherboard and CPU fan. The software will also give you alerts when the hardware is overheated.

Besides, there is a useful and free online Mic test tool that can help you test if your microphone is working correctly.

How to Optimise PC 101?

Step 1: Install the software.

Step 2: Click on Boost.

Step 3: Start your game.

The Smart Game Booster has an easy to use interface, in which one click can boost your PC’s performance, apart from that the software also has drivers update options that’ll update your drivers automatically. It also has utility software like System tweaks, Disk Defrag and PC Diagnosis, that will help optimize the PC performance. The software also has a Head-up Display (HUD) option, which gives real-time system updates while playing games.

Our Opinion

On a usability framework, we have found Smart Game Booster an exceed expectation PC optimizer. The software has some interesting features like detail temperature statistics and overclocking, although overclocking will require a certain set of hardware to be present in the motherboard, such as a water cooling, radiator or heat sink. It will also require technical expertise, so we’ll not suggest you do so. Apart from that the software does optimize the PC and gives good performance while playing games. Though each software has some hardware limitations, Smart Game Booster may come out to be a nice choice for gamers.

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