Snakes and Ladders Free Game for Android and IOS

Snakes and Ladders Free Game for Android and IOS - techniblogic

Recently one of company Zebrito contacted us buy giving the link of their new game which is being based on the old arcade gaming as well as old physical playing game which you all know is Snake and ladder. There are different variants of Snake and Ladder game which are there in Play Store as well as on ITunes for IOS devices.

We thought this is also a Normal game with a normal basic board and a dice which we need to roll to get the number and play it normally like other free and paid once, But i decided to download (Snakes and Ladders Free Game for Android and IOS) it and use it for few days so that there will be no practicality done with any of the developers. The best thing a found was the smoothness of the games with an awesome colors and graphics. Other games which are there in different stores lack of this combo which offer a lag free family or friends gaming experience.

The games consist of different functions like: It supports 4 Players which is with CPU as well as with the family or friends you want to play with.

The game is really very great and is totally free to download. Playing the game is really a fun with a great experience of playing a board and a arcade game in a new way.

The description of the game which is given by the developer is:

Best looking Snakes and Ladders FREE game compatible on android & IOS devices.
More colourful, more interactive with flawlessly animated characters – one game for the whole family.
A classic family board game – Snake and ladders (called Cute and Ladders, Ludo, Parchis, Parama Patam, Moksha Patam or Vaikuntapaali in some places) up to 4 players on a single devices.

Rules: The game is a simple race contest. The aim of the game is to be the first player to reach the end by moving across the board from square one to the final (100) square. If you land exactly on a square with the base of a ladder, your player climbs up the ladder to the square at the top of the ladder. If you land exactly at the top of a snake, your player will slide to end of snake. If you roll a six – you take an extra turn.

Snakes and Ladders Paint offers:
– Two games mode – standard and quick
– Easy to play – one tap gameplay
– Hotseat multiplayer – up to 4 players on some device
– Beautiful and colourful graphics with great animations
– Great tablet support – excellent for hotseat game

So, download the game, enjoy with your friends and family – it’s FREE and fun.

Android                 IOS

 Game Trailer


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