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5 Social Media Marketing Tactics To Get More Followers

Doesn’t every social media account holder dream of having more followers? Especially if you own a business page! After all, when your brand has a lot of followers, this offers a greater chance for success where your marketing efforts are concerned. Find a Social Media Marketing business near you.

Plus a high follower count can instil trust in your customers, which could make all the difference if your niche has a lot of competition.

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Social Media Marketing Tactics

Ready to increase your follower count? Here are 5 social media marketing tactics to allow you to do just that.

Create A Monthly Content Strategy

Thinking up content to go on your social media is a tough call. While you can slip in the odd spontaneous post, most companies will plan and schedule their content weeks in advance. This benefits you because it gives you consistency, and removes the pressure of trying to find time to post. Your content should include written messaging with links as well as images or video.

Interact With Your Feed

Social interactions are a two-way process in real life, and the same applies to the digital world too. Every time you like or reply to comments, this instantly boosts your reach. For example, friends of the person who you replied to may be notified of your interaction.

This may mean 10 people see your post, not just one! If your posts get a lot of comments, not interacting with them is a wasted opportunity to grow your audience. So be sure to set aside some time each day to do this, especially for popular posts. Or consider outsourcing your feed management instead so potential new followers don’t slip through the net.

Paid Advertising

Social Media Marketing Tactics
Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Sometimes you might have to ‘cheat’, but that’s okay as social media platforms have a dedicated paid advertising section to facilitate this. Each platform differs slightly, but you can usually choose on whether you want the ad to bring you followers, engagement or link clicks.

If you’re a newly established business with very few social media followers, it’s one of the best ways to get your name out there. Over time your traffic will grow organically, but paid advertising will give you a helping hand in the meantime.


Who doesn’t love a giveaway? Whether the prize is something you purchase or a voucher for your services, you can guarantee it will draw in lots of pairs of eyes. Make the conditions of entry that the user has to follow your page and like, share or retweet the giveaway message. This is an incredibly simple tactic that is usually pretty failsafe. Be sure to tag your location, and use plenty of hashtags to make the post as visible as possible.

Respond To Your Analytics Reports

Your social media analytics is the litmus test of what’s working for your page and what isn’t. You can even see who your audience is made up of and when they are most active on the platform.

Use this information to build better social media marketing campaigns, that will hone in what your audience best responds to. Look out for posts that outperform others, and learn from any which fall flat. Look to refine your messaging and overall delivery so that people will want to follow you.

To Sum Up

Even if your brand is well known, building a social media following isn’t always straightforward. It takes the right know-how, not to mention persistence to start to see your follower count go up. However, the above steps will point you in the right direction, especially if you create a social media marketing plan and pay close attention to your analytics.

It can also be helpful to enlist the services of a social media marketer. Combining a fresh perspective with years of experience, they can come up with a plan that aligns with your goals. By posting insightful, valuable content users are more likely to flock to your pages as a result.

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