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Solutions for Modern Data Centers introduced by EMC in India

Enterprises are striding fast towards solutions, which offer easy alignment with the legacy systems and offer security, simplicity, flexibility and scalability. In India over 3100 digitally native startups are well-placed to address this shift by leveraging SMAC, IoT, automation and other new technologies, to disrupt traditional industries.

In last 15 years of Information Technology, we have seen major investments in infrastructure leading upto around USD 2.7 trillion in the year 2015. However, with an ever increasing amount of data, the CIOs today have the dilemma to drive out cost and at the same time innovate new strategic business imperatives and applications. It is important to develop consumer grade mobile apps along with an optimization of investment. There comes the importance of modernizing the data centers around the 4 key pillars- leverage flash as a core storage infrastructure, the ability to scale out, taking the software defined approach and movement to cloud.

To deliver on the capabilities of a digital business, there’s no question that IT organizations must modernize and automate their infrastructure, and transform their data center operation into a cloud environment – one that is fully automated and self-service. But what infrastructure should underpin this new cloud environment? The bad news is that the journey to digital breaks all of the traditional infrastructures that have been put in place over the last 15 or 20 years. The good news is that a rapid shift in data center technologies will enable enterprises to optimize existing IT and legacy investments to free up resources for next generation IT that will transform the business.

EMC India has come up with an interesting video which is aimed at underscoring the growing importance of implementing and running Modern Data Centers to reap business benefits in a digitally transformed world. The video highlights and explains the four ‘Pillars of Modern Data Center’ – Flash, Scale-out, Software defined and Cloud enabled. These four pillars are the design points around which EMC has architected the product strategy, particularly converged infrastructure portfolio, which offers the best way to deploy a modern data center. The objective of this video is to present the concept of Modern Data Center and its business benefits in a simple and comprehensive way.

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