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If you wish to succeed as an email marketing specialist, there are a few factors to take into account: you should create original content and pick the right techniques of its distribution. And if you don’t know how to make your letter free of words that can be classified as spam, it may be banned by your audience. So let’s find out what 11 groups words you should keep on your radar.

Don’t put “free” everywhere

A huge proportion of letters offers clients to purchase some goods or services for free as a bonus. Consequently, such phrases as “free trial”, “free gift”, or “free domain name” and so on now signal that you are spamming.

Ban the money related lexicon

Scammers make money by sending random people emails that offer to invest or participate in some “profitable” deal. To make your content different, don’t mention income, billions of dollars, a partnership offer, fees or some metaphors and idioms implying this.

Avoid overusing “Dear”

Due to its enormous popularity, this greeting has also become a spam word. Indeed, very few writers would address their readers differently – and so do scammers. Not that it labels you as a spammer, yet use it carefully.

No pressure

One of the main marketing principles is to instantly “hit” a customer with a fascinating offer. So your addressee is overwhelmed and hurries up to buy. To reach this effect, spammers use phrases like “urgent”, “right now”, “don’t hesitate”, or “lowest price”.

Don’t force to do anything

This group is pretty similar to the previous one and includes such phrases as which “order now”, “call now”, “click here to buy” etc. You just force a client to do what you want.

Stop telling you sell nothing

Seems like a good technique, yet any mail provider would easily identify this as a spam letter. Thus, don’t mention selling.

Don’t jump over your head

You actually must “show” why people should buy the product you offer, not claim how wonderful this is. Describe its qualities and features instead. Writing that something is “amazing” or “efficient” or “brand-new” isn’t enough.

Forget about the basic needs

Here we imply such delicate topics as sexuality problems, acne, overweight etc. Sellers like to tackle those because they are very basic human needs. Try not to offer to “lose weight” or “meet singles” or buy any super pills – it usually looks like cheating.

Reconsider your offers

Offering any internet marketing services, don’t include to your letter phrases as “increase traffic/sales”, do “direct marketing/email” and anything similar. It is likely to be blocked by a spam detector your recipient uses.

Leave congratulations behind

There are millions of frauds on the Internet working like “Congratulations! You have won…” so it is one of the most certain spam features. You may think it cheers your customer up, but it rather makes him suspect you in the scam.

Never pretend you aren’t spamming

In fact, scammers usually state they hate spam or support an anti-spam law. If you are not a spammer, no need to specify that.

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