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If your computer is decelerating or you are dealing with difficulties to run some of the programs or games, then one of the reasons for the slowdown may be DLL errors. Sounds not really familiar, right? Most of us actually don’t have any clue what DLL files are and how the errors take place. Obviously, we don’t know the solutions to correct this problem also. If you have a clear idea of what DLL file is missing, then you should get the latest DLL file. One of the reliable sources for the missing DLL would be the company’s website that creates the application, or you could download it from some trusted websites that host these DLL files.

What is a DLL error?

In simple words, outdated or deleted DLL files from an operating system would produce this error of missing or corrupt DLL files. The acronym DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. DLL files are an internal part of the operating system that helps run the application smoothly. Hundreds of DLL files are there in your PC assisting several Windows programs to function smoothly. DLL files are not the program itself, but they are the force behind to run it. You hardly have any idea about these files until you face an actual problem of a non-functional application. Many of us delete these files needlessly just to clean up some space, wrongly assuming that these files are useless and that they are occupying huge space on the PC. Some DLL files are shared by various programs, and if a particular DLL file becomes tainted or is accidentally or incidentally deleted, it could wreck disaster on the smooth functioning of those programs, that are associated with it.

How does it affect?

If you are a die-hard fan of online gaming and like to have the comfort of lightning speed on your PC, then a DLL error is simply enough to ruin your schedule. You can’t even run your most loved program or a game just because of the absence of required DLL files which you may have deleted intentionally for providing additional space for games. A missing or corrupted DLL files may disable the normal operation of program and application directly, which may lead to numerous system errors. DLL file by itself is not executable and cannot be run without hooking up to an executable file. That means if you have a corrupted DLL file on your PC that will also prevent the related EXE files to perform. If the DLL has become ‘unregistered’ – that is, removed from the registry – your programs also may crash.

How to fix DLL errors?

Now here comes the most important part of how to resolve your problem? What will you do when a message pops up on your PC’s screen notifying some DLL files are missing? Some of us get tensed and often dash to the nearby store to replace the faulty software with the latest version. This is not an ideal solution. In order to address the DLL errors, you do need not to spend your hard-earned money on purchasing the new version of the affected software every time.

Sometimes uninstalling the software and then re-installing it helps. Re-installation reinstalls the required DLLs and your DLL error disappears. If a DLL error regarding a specific DLL file that works for a particular software program is troubling you, it is better to reinstall the program immediately.

An online solution can also be very helpful in fixing a DLL error. Simply enter the problematic DLL file name into a search engine. Choose a reliable site and download the required DLL files. But you have to be very cautious to choose a reputed site. Otherwise, you may download a backdated file.

For some games and applications that require Visual C++, you may require msvcp120.dll files. In case they are missing, fix the error by downloading the requisite file. For msvcp120.dll errors, you can download the required latest files and make your operation easy.

The second most common DLL error occurs when the DLL is an outdated version, and the programs you are using require a newer version. This will generate DLL error messages like “Error: msoe.dll is out of date” or “Error: msoe.dll is an incorrect version”. If these DLL error messages are popping up when you try to use your programs, you have only one solution to that problem – install the latest version of the software.

The one thing you should always bear in mind is that DLL files are very important and of vital importance for the smooth functioning of your applications. Be very careful when handling such file and never, without adequate knowledge of the associated applications, commit the error of deleting such files.

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