Spocto ‘Unspam’ Through Organized, Calculated Data & Analytics for its Customers

Spocto ‘Unspam’ Through Organized, Calculated Data & Analytics for its Customers 1

Spocto, an analytics marketing platform, provides businesses to successfully communicate and make relations with customers by understanding their behavior even after multiple digital channels and by reducing reducing spam. Its hyper-local digital monitoring system tracks the consumers by different most frequent channels, favored time and interests, and after that they creates customer profiles based on proprietary logic, called ‘spocto profiles’, which provide clarity on their changing behavior across platforms. Using these insights, spocto advises brands on the preferred platform and time to communicate with relevant audiences, thereby, optimizing marketing budgets and increasing conversion rates, as stated by the company in its press release.

Spocto’s expertise extends them across various marketing channels that include social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, emails, voice and Text. While it provides 360 degree changing insights into the preferences of the urban population, spocto’s multi-lingual platform vigorously delves into the semi-urban and rural sections, a current difficulty for most brands, to guarantee a success rate across geographies.

Key services offered by spocto:

  • Multi-lingual and multi-channel customer engagement platform: Expands the brand’s view of the customer and helps connect with rural and urban audiences effectively across channels and platforms
  • Data analytic engine: Get real-time actionable insights to improve marketing-mix
  •  Digital footprint: Map and monitor the continuously changing customer digital footprint while simultaneously engaging in conversations online across social media
  • 360 degree of view of customer: Customer lifecycle understanding and management
  • Analytics for all digital channels: Hyper-local tracking of all customer engagements and global reach of campaigns with geo-fencing reporting
  • Single Application Program Interface (API) integration: Integration with multiple databases and file systems

“Customers lead multi-device, multi-platform lives and the digital touch points to reach them are constantly changing. They are bombarded with a constant flood of marketing messages from a single brand, across platforms. In most cases, instead of communicating a positive message, this leads to brand noise,” said Sumeet Srivastava, Chief Executive Officer, spocto, “Through Spocto, we aim to ‘unspam’ the customer and enable businesses to communicate with them in a budget efficient manner. Our thorough monitoring ensures streamlined communication so that a brand’s message reaches the relevant consumer only at the time and on a platform that is most suitable for them.”

The Need to Unspam - spocto Study

Spocto has received investments of over USD 2 Million from its parent company, Intelligentia and is planning to raise funding of around USD 7-10 Million by Dec 2016 for acquisitions and technology Integrations. Its clientele includes a large number of brands like Future Retail, Motilal Oswal, Wunderman, Lupin, CarDekho, CenturyPly to name a few.

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