Spying on iPhone is Not Difficult Anymore, but You Will Need to Keep These Things in Mind

Spying on iPhone is Not Difficult Anymore,

iOS is considered to be one of the most secure and optimized mobile software out there. Every year and with every version the iOS’s efficiency and security is tweaked so that it gets more difficult to hack and jailbreak. Their iTunes service and the iCloud are no exceptions either. At one point it was nearly impossible to think a person could spy on an iPhone except maybe using the old’ 007 routine – get up close and personal with the person and then do what is referred to as social hacking. Now with commercially available monitoring apps that are able to work on iOS, spying on iPhone is not difficult anymore, things have become pretty easy – you don’t have to follow the person around all the time – you just have to install the app on their device once and then you are all set provided you have chosen a decent monitoring app. We will look at some of the things that you should look for and know about when going for a monitoring and tracking app in order to make your monitoring and spying tasks easy, efficient and as convenient as possible.

What you need to know about installation

You Will Need to Keep These Things in Mind

Unlike their black-hat counterparts that are installed remotely through the use of hacks and viruses, the commercially available monitoring app usually require physical access to the device and some ownership information if it is to be installed remotely. You didn’t think it was gonna be that easy did you? If the device is your own or you are a parent of a minor or an employer who has given company owned smart devices to their employees then you will be able to install with minimal issues. If, however, the device is not yours, then you will need some amount of social skills to get your hands on the device or get the iCloud password in case the iPhone is not jailbroken. Once the app is installed it is usually smooth sailing given that the app is an efficient and optimized one.

Size does matter

They say in a fight size and strength matters, the bigger and stronger you are the better the odds of you winning the battle. Sadly, this is not the case with spying apps – the smaller they are the better it will be for you. An app with a small size will be easier and quicker to install, which is important especially if the device is not your own.

An efficient app is a good app

Besides having a small size the monitoring app in concern should be efficient – efficient in this case would mean being able to carry out its monitoring and tracking by using the least amount device processor usage, RAM, and battery. Otherwise large and non-efficient apps not only take up notable space, they also slow down or hang the device that they are installed on as well as drain the battery. All of these factors are detrimental to the act of spying, if the app is not stealthy meaning if it gets found out then the device owner can do a factory reset and there goes the app and all your effort.

Automated monitoring for the smart person

Automated monitoring for the smart person

Spying on iPhone is not difficult anymore, but the following tools and processes will help make it even easier. As we know monitoring 24/7 is a difficult and tedious task in itself. Most apps provide alerts or watchlists that when activated with certain pre-defined criteria automate the monitoring process. For example, apps usually allow watchlists for words, contacts, and locations. Watchlists for words allows the app to match a set of listed words with those coming in on text messages through SMS, IM chats, and email; if a match is found the app user is alerted through an email with completed details including the message in which the words was used. It works the same way with contacts, every time a highlighted contact is communicated with or communicates with the device owner the app owner is notified. For the location alerts whenever the device enters, gets near or leaves a certain pre-defined area(s) the app user is notified. All of these systems and many others automate the monitoring process making life easy for the app user.

Failsafe Systems are invaluable

Good apps will also provide failsafe systems, their value can only be understood in worst-case scenarios where the device is lost or stolen. In case you are using it for yourself, you can remotely lock your device or if you fear that sensitive data might be leaked you can delete all the data from your device, ensuring that no one will see anything. The same can be used if you are monitoring someone else, if there is a chance you will get caught in some way, you can delete the data on the iPhone to protect yourself.

Although spying on iPhone is not difficult anymore, these factors and the knowledge provided in this

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