Starting a Small Business? How to Keep Your Mac Organized

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Starting a small business is a dream that some individuals have from a young age. For others, it’s a new dream that comes about due to an unexpected job change or life shift.

Still, others have the pandemic to blame for their change in employment status. In this case, they may have been forced to get creative with their income, and starting a home business may be their only option.

Whether you are on your home business journey or got here, one of the most essential steps to success is staying organized.

Individuals who are used to being employees and following upper management’s orders may not be adept at performing rote organizational tasks like keeping track of their own records, saving tax receipts, or creating daily schedules from scratch. Yet, these are all skills that small business owners and self-employed individuals need to succeed.

Naturally, there are many moving parts involved in being organized as a small business owner. One key component is your computer. If you own and use a Mac computer, this is an excellent tool for staying organized, but you’ve got to know what tips and tricks to employ. Here are a few to get you started.

Top Small Business Organizational Tips to Use With Your Mac

Starting a Small Business

1. Keep your desktop organized.

If you use your computer frequently, your desktop should remain organized for your mind to be organized.

Fortunately, there are many ways to optimize desktop organization on a Mac. First, always have your icons “snap to grid” to keep the visual appearance of your desktop uniform. Next, consider using colour coding when labelling each folder. For example, you can add a red tag colour to all your tax folders and a purple tag colour to all your sales data folders.

Finally, organize files within the appropriate folders immediately as they arrive on your desktop. Don’t wait until the whole thing is cluttered. If you find that a file doesn’t have a home, create a new folder!

2. Don’t let your storage reach full capacity.

Keeping enough storage available on your computer is a consistent problem for Mac owners, but there are a few things you can do to prevent the buildup of useless data and always have some free space.

First, invest in a free Mac cleaner that declutters your stored files regularly. The automation of such software liberates you from the task and ensures free storage space is always available.

Next, declutter on your own whenever you see something that can be trashed. Old files, duplicate pictures or videos, and other useless data should be discarded as soon as possible.

Lastly, have your trash empty automatically. Worry less about accidentally deleting an important file and more about keeping your Mac space free. Chances are if it’s in the trash, you don’t need it.

3. Keep frequently-visited sites pinned in Safari.

Bookmarks can be handy for navigating the Internet. The sites that you consistently go to should always be bookmarked in whatever browser you use. And if you use Safari, there’s an even more helpful trick you can employ to keep regularly used pages at the ready: pinned sites.

To pin a site in Safari, open the desired site in a new tab and drag that tab to the left of your tab bar. From there, you’ll notice the tab shrink, and a symbol representing the site will appear. For example, if you want to pin your Gmail inbox, the Google “M” will appear for “mail.” From now on, these pinned sites will always be “stuck” to the left of your tab bar and continually refreshed for easy access. Consider pinning your email, your website, a dictionary or thesaurus site, your bank, and any other pages you use regularly.

4. Learn how to keep yourself focused with time management tools.

Lastly, remember that when you don’t have someone peering over your shoulder, making sure you get your tasks completed on time, you must transfer this responsibility to yourself. This can be difficult. To help yourself stay on track, consider using a few Mac tools specifically designed for better time management.

Even having a simple timer in your taskbar can help you stay on schedule. In addition, setting up alerts and notifications will keep you from forgetting important tasks and dates. There are also site blockers that can keep you from getting distracted on social media or news sites while you’re trying to work.

The ultimate goal of using your Mac to stay organized with your small business is not to become over-reliant on technology. Instead, it is to use your Mac as an indispensable tool. We hope these tips and tricks can help you start off on the right organizational foot with your small business!

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