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Streaming Services VS Cable TV: Side by Side Comparison

We all put our energies to save some money, whether it be on groceries, utility bills, or transportation. One of the bills that haunts every one of us at the end of each month is cable bills. Most people are shifting from cable to streaming services.

Several reasons back the shifting of cable to streaming services and one of them is sky-high bills. But in recent times, the streaming services have surged the prices, which is quite close to cable bills.

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Streaming services are more focused on TV shows and movies. Some of them offer both live streamings as well as a collection of movies and TV series. Whereas cable TV is generally catered towards households having several persons demanding different shows, live events, movies, and documentaries.

The extensive channel lineup and add-ons make cable services a great deal for households. Moreover, the cable providers also bundle the services with internet and telephone, making it more convenient for people to stay within budget. If you have not come across any of the services yet, make sure to check out Spectrum offers for serviceability in your area by entering the zip code.

Streaming Services VS Cable TV

In this post, we are going to compare cable TV and streaming services side by side to help you decide on a better one. Let’s begin.

Streaming Services


In the digital age, everyone demands flexibility, ease, and affordability. Compared to cable TV, the streaming service offers more flexibility. Think of it in a way that streaming services can be subscribed at any time and any place without worrying about contracts, installation fees, and rental box fees. Stream as much as you like and watch on the go without restricting yourself in front of your television set. Most of the frequent movers and travellers find it convenient to go for streaming service rather than cable TV. At least they can watch their favourite seasons while waiting for the flight at the terminal.


Compared to cable TV, the cost of streaming services is nominal. You have to pay one price as advertised by the provider – no more no less. For instance, if YouTube TV basic plan costs you $64.99 per month as stated on the website, not even an extra dime will be charged. However, the case is quite opposite when it comes to cable TV. However, the prices may differ based on the number of screens you opt for and the resolution of the video. You won’t get any surprises at the end of the month in the form of hidden charges or rental fees.

Customized Programming

Streaming services have gained popularity in recent years due to their customized offerings and programming. For instance, you can subscribe to your favourite movies and TV shows. As soon as the show or movie is added to the library, you will be notified. In the later time, if you wish to watch something new based on your interest – the streaming service will offer you recommended shows and TV series based on your watch history.

High-Speed Internet

If you wish to stay with a streaming service and cut the cord completely, then make sure to have high-speed internet. Without having high-speed internet, you won’t be able to stream seamlessly. The cost may surge due to internet bills and the money you wished to save might not be possible.

Total Blackout without Internet

Streaming services are dependent on the internet. As soon as your internet disconnects, you are unable to watch anything. Especially when it comes to residents of rural areas, streaming services might not be an ideal option due to less reliable internet connection.

Popular streaming service providers include FuboTV, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Sling.

Cable TV

Much More to Watch

Compared to streaming services, cable TV is a viable option for those looking for plenty of options. For instance, cable TV allows you to watch hundreds of channels including news, sports, educational, kids, food, and much more. No matter how many people live in the house, there is something for everyone. Plus, if you want to add some more channels to your list, you can simply contact the customer service and pay the fee for add-ons.

Watch Live Sporting Events

When it comes to watching live sporting events, most of the streamers can’t get hold of it. However, cable subscribers can view live sporting events without any hassle. Sports channels like NFL Network, ESPN, ESPN Plus, CBS Sports Network, and other channels are included in the channel lineup. Streaming services might offer you live streaming, but the cost would be whopping high.


One of the reasons for the huge turn off is the price of cable TV subscriptions. Even though the advertised prices look economical, but the things aren’t as bright as it seems to be. Most of the cable providers surprise you with hidden fees at the end of the month. Plus there is also cancellation fees, installation fees, rental fees and so many other. Most cable providers also increase the prices after one year.

Bundle Packages

The prices of cable TV subscription is quite high and people living paycheck to paycheck can’t afford. But there is one more thing that could turn things upside down. Almost every cable provider offer bundle package to help subscriber save some cost. For instance, you can get high-speed internet along with cable TV and telephone service. All of these services if paid separately would cost you hundreds of dollars. However, if you opt for bundle packages, you will be able to keep the budget under control.

Popular cable providers include Spectrum, Cox, Xfinity, Mediacom, and AT&T

Final Verdict

The war between streaming services and cable TV is not going to end soon. It all depends on you whether you like flexibility or love to stick to the older traditions. However, in our opinion, cable TV is a far better choice than streaming service, especially if there are kids and grown-ups in the home. But for a single person, a streaming service would offer plenty of entertainment to stay glued to the screens.

Streaming Services VS Cable TV

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