Stretching SEO boundaries by expanding your business in the Spanish Market

Stretching SEO

As one of the largest economies in the world, Spain has a considerably opportunistic market for local and offshore companies. But economic relationships between Spain and other countries have been established since long ago, which is why the government provides numerous automobiles, and machinery from external businesses that have blended into the Spanish culture and tradition. 

Spaniards are known to be expressive and affectionate, driving artistic and vivid designs and approaches regarding ads and selling. Given the honey-tongued language and burning passion for life, you can imagine how much love these people put into their work, which is why entering the Spanish market can be truly challenging. 

However, it’s not impossible to conquer the country’s marketing techniques and expand your company’s products and services. Here’s what you’ll need to do. 

Create authenticity with the Spanish language 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when promoting your business in Spain is to use English. Although the proficiency level is high, the number of people speaking it is limited, so you’ll have to go full native in order to be accepted. This is the only way to make ads authentic and create efficient campaigns that sell, which is why you’ll need to re-think your budget and invest in translators and culturally relevant ideas, so you may need proper SEO services. 

You must be wary of the Spaniards’ opinion about foreign people in the country ―or their businesses because most want to protect their identity as a whole and might be skeptical about your company. However, if you’re genuine with your business idea and are able to deliver it like native would, you can be successful. 

Make use of Google 

Google may be one of the most powerful tools you can use to approach the Spanish market because most Spaniards rely on this search engine to find answers to their questions. Of course, this benefits your business greatly since Google is a complete mechanism through which you can leverage keywords and links and increase exposure to reaching the first page. 

But you need to work hard to reach this goal. If you already solved the translation part, you’ll now have to provide helpful information, create meaningful titles and headings and improve your images and video tags to speak out for your audience. Youngsters and elders are also present on the internet, so a little social listening would help grow your SEO Spain strategy. Tailoring your content to people’s interests and lifestyles is the best way to sell your products. 

Connect with customers 

Spaniards are talkative and will not back up from expressing their opinions. While this may be confusing in a conversation as a foreigner, when it comes to social media engagement, it’s one of the best things for you as a marketer. That’s because leaving comments, asking questions and being the first to write a review on the product can help pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses from the first weeks on the Spanish market. 

Upon entering the new business environment, you must be as open as possible and ensure you have enough cultural and media knowledge to understand what people are pointing at. Of course, it would be best to create proper communication channels or use the most famous ones to appeal to the public. According to Statista, WhatsApp and Instagram provide the highest user reach, while WhatsApp and YouTube have considerable user satisfaction. Moreover, TikTok is the most downloaded social media app in the country, so make sure you focus on these channels. 

Review your cross-border marketing approach 

As a company coming from outside the country, you’ll have to investigate the requirements for the company to be eligible and ready to penetrate the market. Among the things you’ll have to take care of, we can recall your branding strategy, pricing, and the payment systems provided that should attract customers. Of course, it would be best to adapt and watch what your competition offers to the audience, which is part of the cross-border marketing strategy. 

For instance, you must ensure the brand image and message are relevant to Spaniards. The pricing must also be adapted to the target audience and market segment, but you must also provide payment systems people are already used to. But there’s more to this, so adapt your marketing material, from the webpage to the brochures you provide, to fit the culture and tradition so people will feel more familiar with using your company’s services. 

Cater your digital PR 

Mastering your digital PR strategy in Spain Requires a lot of work and research to reach success. That’s because you must be part of the country’s social media environment to understand the best approach. Here, you must be credible in your strategy, but also make sure to add a little bit of humor to your social media post. Of course, looking for digital PR services that professionally take care of your strategy would be best. This means hiring local talent from Spain in order to have better access to the Spanish environment. 

Some basic digital PR methods to complete your goal include the following:

  • Doing some media pitching and developing journalist relations to create plenty of beneficial partnerships;
  • Increasing brand awareness by creating a different brand image compared to the competition in the market;
  • Boosting SEO scores to be seen in the Spanish digital space and acquire customers;
  • Improving your content and encourage others to share it and engage with it;
  • Researching your strategy and understanding what you’re trying to get at;
  • Monitoring media and approaching social listening as a way to understand your audience;

What do you think about the Spanish market? 

In terms of opportunities, the Spanish market can offer limitless chances to improve your business by taking it into a new universe. However, the Spanish business ecosystem isn’t that open regarding foreigners or their businesses, which is why you need to become one of them to win people’s attention and trust. Overall, the core of your strategy must be the local language, humor and way of living to understand what people want. Are you able to reach this goal? 

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