Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 1

Undeniably, online business becomes more and more popular every single day. Seeing that, the modern website designers try to create as many trendy options as they can. Actually, today fashion is the thing that is not only about the clothes or voguish hairstyles. It is about the web designs as well! To say more, now there are the features that we can call the classic ones. Needless to say, such things are always in vogue… For these simple reasons, in this post, we are going to present you one of them. As you can see from the article’s name, here we will tell you about the benefits of Parallax effect. In addition, we have prepared an eye-catching selection of 15 best Parallax WordPress themes especially for you. Still dreaming about an eye-pleasing and truly attractive website? Therefore, don’t stop reading!

The History of Parallax

First of all, let’s give a definition before we move to these new-gen Parallax WordPress themes! Actually, the word parallax (as well as this term) is not a new one. It comes from the Greek version parallaxis and translates as alteration. Historically, it means a visible position of any object at a distance, which depends on the position or the viewpoint of a person that looks at this object. In a word, the thing is that a viewer can observe an object from the various viewpoints and it will look different. The technique is really old, so there are a lot of famous buildings that can illustrate how Parallax works. For example, the National World War II Memorial called Washington Monument. Now let’s back to our days! As you may know, today Parallax effect (or Parallax scrolling) is one of the most popular and beautiful web trends. Why is that?

What is Parallax Today?

To make a long story short, Parallax scrolling is a voguish technique, which brings a bubbly 3D effect to your images. It happens when the visitors of your online project are scrolling a page. Basically, this marvelous graphical effect involves background moving at a slower rate to the foreground. As a result, you get a pleasant sense of motion and depth. That is why today every successful website owner uses Parallax effect for their online project. Unquestionably, it is hard to learn how to use or get this feature if you are not a web designer. Still, we have prepared a ready-made solution, which will help you to enjoy Parallax effortlessly! Given these points, would you like to add the effect to the design of your winning website? In this case, don’t miss these stylish and invigoration Parallax WordPress themes!

So, now you know a lot about Parallax effect. Thus, it is time to charm the guests of your online pages! Would you like to get a magnificent and unforgettable site, which will showcase your business or creativity all over the globe? In this case, we are happy to introduce you this new list of top 15 Parallax WordPress themes! Needless to say, each of these top-notch products contains a rich pack of different functions and design elements you may need for your site. What is more, there is also a free technical support working 24 / 7 for your comfort! As always, the shown best Parallax WordPress themes are so easy in use! Thus, you can simply work with them even if you have never launched an online project before. All in all, there are so many benefits you will see in the packages of these splendid Parallax WordPress themes. Finally, let’s view them out together!

P.S. To finish with, keep in mind that TemplateMonster designed each of these texture-rich and adorable Parallax WordPress themes below. Thus, we recommend you to go to their gallery because there are so many qualitative, bright and powerful templates to choose from! Furthermore, there are comfortable filters you may use to find your personal kind of an ideal website template. By the way, another awesome thing you should know about is that TemplateMonster has become a digital marketplace! Yep, it means that now you can not only buy their splendid products but develop your own business with the help of the company as well! Thus, don’t miss this topic because the offer is really advantageous and goes both for the professional web designers and the beginners.

Organixine – Calm and Lightning-fast Biofuel Company Parallax WordPress Theme

At the outset, we propose you to learn more details about this light and feature-rich Parallax WordPress theme because Organixine has so many stylish design elements and useful options to impress you! The first thing you should know about this lightning-fast product is that Organixine provides its owner with Eleventor. To make a long story short, it is the next generation of well-liked Drag and Drop fronted page, which does not require a coding knowledge. By tradition, choosing Organixine you will also get a fantastic variety of Header and Footer Layouts, so don’t hesitate to look at the demo version of this beautiful template!

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 2

Details |  Demo

The Ballot – Professional and Modern Political Candidate Parallax WordPress Theme

As you can see from the ‘Details’ of this Parallax WordPress template, the Ballot provides you with the ultimate package of the premium Cherry plugins. As a result, this professional and well-featured theme will en chase the work of your online project effortlessly! What is more, there are multiple content modules (number counter, pricing tables, button, bar counters, call to action, etc.) that let one adding various content types to their online pages. Moreover, the feature is easy-to-use because each of the modules was pre-packed with a set of options that you can tweak up to your taste.

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 3

Details |  Demo

Voodioo – Charming and Powerful Videographer Parallax WordPress Theme

Designed in the eye-pleasing and soft tones, Voodioo is a gorgeous Parallax WordPress theme, which is a ready-made solution for the creation of an elegant videographer online project. To begin with, it provides you with multiple layout options, so you are able to choose the needed settings and play with the structure of your pages. What is more, Voodioo is Ecwid ready, which means that its owner can build a web store with no effort and for free! Finally, you will also have many custom widgets for your website that will enrich your theme with a splendid functionality.

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 4

Details |  Demo

RyanZoom – Minimalist and Cute Photographer Portfolio Parallax WordPress Theme

Just look at the clean and cute design of this Parallax WordPress theme, which, by the way, provides you with the bonus images that are already in the pack! As you can see, these days it takes you only 5 minutes to install this groundbreaking template, which is just ideal for the creation of an online portfolio. To say more, RyanZoom features Live Customizer, which allows one to customize their online project with a large variety of theme options. What is more, with the help of this awesome feature, you can easily see all the changes you have made without reloading the page! Seeing that just let this breathtaking season inspire you and present your gorgeous shoots in all their beauty!

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 5

Details |  Demo

Roy Bed & Breakfast – Cozy and Responsive Small Hotel Parallax WordPress Theme

To make a long story short, if you are looking for a high-quality template for your small hotel site, Roy Bed and Breakfast is just what the doctor ordered. This light but powerful Parallax WordPress theme contains Drag and Drop Page Builder that allows you to create the pages without writing a single line of the code. Moreover, there are more than 25 fantastic modules and an incredible library of the presets you may easily work with! To finish with, don’t forget that Roy Bed and Breakfast is fully editable and highly responsive, so, with its help, your online project will always work great and look qualitative.

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 6

Details |  Demo

WhiteLight – Romantic and Strong Photographer Portfolio Parallax WordPress Theme

Audio, Divider, Map, Post Slider, Sidebar, Blog, Countdown timer, Call to action – this is only a part of all the helpful content modules you will find in the package of WhiteLight! By the way, the romantic Parallax WordPress theme below is SEO-friendly, so your online portfolio will get the high results from Google and other popular search engines. In addition, WhiteLight offers its owner to choose from 7 header layouts, so you can experiment with the visual look of your website with no effort.

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 7

Details |  Demo

Max Paxton – Voguish Freelance Copywriter and Journalist Parallax WordPress Theme

Same to the previous template, Max Paxton provides its owner with 7 stunning header layouts and contains Google typography integration. Therefore, choosing this stylish Parallax WordPress theme, you can present your content in the most creative way, which is a must-have for every professional writer. What is more, the theme below is licensed under GLP v.3, so it will be easy for you to manage several online projects for your business in the future. To finish with, we are happy to remind you that Max Paxton comes with free tech support and the team of pros is ready to help you anytime.

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 8

Details |  Demo

Magic Touch – Breathtaking and Colorful Web Design Studio Parallax WordPress Theme

Crafted with care and built with power, Magic Touch is the next Parallax WordPress theme, which contains all the features one needs for the creation of an attractive site, related to a web design studio. For example, there is a clean Events Calendar that allows you to create different schedules from the simplest to the most complicated ones. Without a doubt, this feature should be in every package, as it can easily save the time of your clients and notify them about all the upcoming events. In addition, the code of this gorgeous template was optimized to fit the Google guidelines, so your project will be on the top results.

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 9

Details |  Demo

Codathon – Cosmic Hackathon for Coders Landing Parallax WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, there are so many wonderful and powerful options you will get choosing this cosmic Parallax WordPress theme but let’s take a closer look at the design of its gallery! Basically, Codathon offers you to create an unforgettable and qualitative gallery, which you can display in a wide variety of the attractive layouts. What is more, the top industry leaders designed Codathon for your comfort, so the template has a clean, powerful and carefully commented code. Furthermore, the lightning-fast speed, SEO integration, readable typography and pixel-perfect design will help you to get a truly professional website.

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 10

Details |  Demo

Swanxy – Fantastic and Qualitative Parallax WordPress Theme

To start with, in addition to such things as Live Customizer, Drag and Drop Page Builder and impressing layouts options, you will get the pack of the best Cherry plugins. Furthermore, the code of Swanxy was written in accordance with the latest standards of web design, so you will understand the purpose of any element with no effort. Given these points, now you can forget about the boring browser-testing process because this magnificent Parallax WordPress theme looks professional in all the popular browsers. To say more, Swanxy is fully responsive and works fantastic on any device you visitor uses, so don’t miss this crisp template!

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 11

Details |  Demo

Helilar – Hip and Full-fledged Solar & Renewable Energy Parallax WordPress Theme

How do you think, what are the must-have features for a qualitative template related to solar and renewable energy business? Unquestionably, your customers should trust you, so you have to make sure that a showcasing your deal website is a thoroughly made and strikingly designed one. That is why we suggest you view out the detailed information about this hip and 100% responsive Parallax WordPress theme. Moreover, among all the cool technical options of Heliar, there are the diverse blog styles and charming color scheme options that will help you to manage a worthy online project introducing your business.

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 12

Details |  Demo

Pull Out – Invigorating Car Towing Services Parallax WordPress Theme

Still believe that today it is hard to build a bodacious and ideally working website to introduce your deal all over the globe? In this case, don’t miss this invigorating Parallax WordPress theme because Pull Out features a cool Setup Wizard, which allows one to install all the plugins, theme’s options, and sample data really fast. To say more, Pull Out is also an amazing eCommerce solution for your business, as the theme is Ecwid ready. To summarize, the template below ideally matches any personal and commercial goals, so don’t hesitate to try Pull Out!

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 13

Details |  Demo

Cherfort – Immersive and Minimalist Furniture Company Parallax WordPress Theme

At the outset, all the images you will view in the demo version of this immersive Parallax WordPress theme are already in the pack as a bonus for your online project. Secondly, Cherfort is a SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly template, so it always brings a perfect look to your online project. What is more, although you will get free technical support, there are also many easy-to-follow documentation guides you may use while building a website. Given these points, you can be sure that Cherfort will help you to launch a supreme website effortlessly and quickly.

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 14

Details |  Demo

Innovl – Eye-catching Startup & Creative Digital Agency Parallax WordPress Theme

As you can see, this feature-rich creative digital agency Parallax WordPress theme featured Google fonts integration, so you have more than 500 inimitable examples of typography to choose from. In addition, Innovl is just perfect for various search engines, as the template follows the best SEO-practice and lets the search engines index your site with no effort. To say more, the layout of Innovl mechanically adjusts to the viewport dimensions, when you view it on the tablets or smartphones. For these simple reasons, we recommend you to check all the functions of this excellent WordPress theme right now!

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 15

Details |  Demo

Magic – All-in-one and Texture-rich Multipurpose Parallax WordPress Theme

Let’s finish this magical selection with a truly special and creative Parallax WordPress theme, called Magic! One of the first pluses of the showcased product is that the texture-rich template below is a multipurpose one, so you can use it in order to build any kind of an online project. Talking about the options of Magic, it features comfortable TM Dashboard, which allows you to make the backups automatically, schedule them and backup all the changes after every single update as well. What is more, Magic offers its owner to use 4 incredible and ready-to-use skins, so don’t miss this unbelievable chance!

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 16

Details |  Demo

Well, for today it was all the information about these eye-pleasing and ideally running Parallax WordPress themes. To finish with, let us remind you that each of the showcased products is an easy-to-manage one. Thus, it will be comfortable for you to work with a chosen Parallax WordPress theme even if you have no experience. Here we tried to tell you about the most useful and interesting functions. Honestly speaking, a full list of all the features is too long. Still, we hope that this post will help you to figure out what you can find in the packs of the introduced templates. Finally, don’t forget about the main feature of these eye-pleasing products! Without a doubt, an unforgettable Parallax effect will be a marvelous addition to any professional website. Seeing that, just run the demo versions of these hi-res themes to see how the technique works.

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