5 Surefire Ways to Develop a Winning SEO Strategy For 2022

Tips To Get More Traffic to Your New Website Surefire Ways to Develop a Winning SEO Strategy

The term SEO is thrown around a lot when talking about improving your website or its ranking. There are many viable reasons why SEO is considered the key to online success. And that’s why businesses today invest almost 41% of their marketing budget into it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been growing in demand for the past decade due to an increasing number of internet users and their need for quality content.

SEO has come far from merely being used to improve online traffic through a couple of keywords. With nearly every large to small business using the internet to market and sell their products, today’s competition has become more challenging than ever.

And this calls for revisiting your SEO strategy or developing one if you don’t have one already. Since we’ll soon jump into 2022, let’s look at how you can create a winning SEO strategy for the coming year.

Conduct a competitive analysis

One of the most viable approaches online businesses follow before devising a strategy is observing the competition. Instead of blindly going in with a basic plan, take your time and study competitors. Try to understand what tactics they follow if they are constantly securing the highest rankings on SERPs. Conduct in-depth analysis and look out for areas like target audience segments, organic search rankings, blog strategy, user experience, backlink profiles, and more.

Along with monitoring competitors, look for loopholes in your existing SEO strategy and determine ways to build a more compelling one. And for this purpose, we recommend approaching experts like LinkBuilding HQ USA if your venture is in the USA. They can help you better understand your SEO needs and improve your link building, link placement, content, and outreach. Knowing what you are up against, the areas you lack, and the experts who can help you makes it easier to define your goals and work towards them.

Develop a list of keywords and topics

The foremost crucial step towards creating a captivating SEO strategy is typically keyword research. Knowing your goals and competitors provide you with the necessary information to start developing a relevant keyword list. Creating a relevant keyword and topics list is crucial because that’s how your target market will find you online.

Your target customer has a problem, you are the solution, and the keyword they use is the bridge that connects them to you. If you’re puzzled about where to begin, the most straightforward approach is taking help from Google Suggest. Write something relevant to your product and services, and Google will provide a list of suggestions that people search for online.

Keywords are the foundation of your SEO strategy, so conduct a thorough analysis at this stage to avoid mistakes in the future. Don’t shift your focus solely on short-tail keywords as they offer lower conversion than long-tail keywords with less competition. It would help to explore every option from short-tail to long keywords and leverage broad themes through topic clusters. You can even take help from various tools available online.

Create conversational content for voice search

It’s 2021, and the world is using voice commands to search for almost everything. Who wouldn’t want to skip writing long texts or searching for a product on Google when you can conveniently say it? According to PR Newswire, nearly 58% of consumers use voice search to look for information on local businesses. In the past, the focus regarding content was that it should be of high quality, should facilitate backlinks and keywords, and engage users.

Today, however, people don’t only seek valuable content but one that enables conversational searches. To capture this huge voice search audience, you should focus on keywords, topics, and content to cater to conversational-based inquiries. And to shape your content to optimize your website for voice search, you should focus on the following aspects:

  • writing your headings, subheadings, and titles in a question format
  • focusing on content that provides accurate answers to customer queries and spins long-tail keywords into questions
  • including FAQ section in your blogs and website

It is also essential to produce high-quality descriptions, headlines and create new content. The internet is full of highly competitive and engaging content. Therefore, you must develop new content and reoptimize old underperforming content constantly. Make old content fresh, revamp it to match current keyword trends, and optimize for long-tail keywords.

Work on link building strategy

Link building is essential for gaining trust and authority. By having other sites link to your own, you drive traffic to your website. The focus should be on getting quality links from authority sites in areas of interest and hyperlinking them to your website or blog. Link building strategy is essential for making Google’s algorithm believe that your site is trustworthy, which improves your online visibility. Many tools and techniques can help you with solid backlinking.

For instance, initially, you can tell your outreach targets where you want your link to go, or you can do blog commenting to get your link on the blogger’s radar. Improve your off-page SEO by getting your links published on third-party sites as much as possible. It is also beneficial to diversify your backlink profile and to ensure that you get backlinks from high-quality, unique domains rather than from the same ones.

Align content for featured snippets

Featured snippets are special boxes or short snippets of text which appear at the top of Google’s search results. Steps, tables, definitions, and lists are the most common forms of featured snippets, including the “People also ask” box. In features snippets, the regular search result format is typically reversed, which means that it shows the descriptive snippet first.

These highlighted excerpts of text are automatically pulled from pages that Google has indexed. So, why are these important for your upcoming SEO strategy? According to Search Engine Land, a featured snippet gets an average of 8% of all clicks. It means that you can boost your organic click-through rate if your content gets in the featured snippet. It ultimately enhances the user experience and makes your website a valuable and authentic source.


Today’s marketing is all about who can get the top position on search engines. In today’s technologically advanced age, digital marketing strategies such as SEO are necessary to boost market reach and eventually get desirable results. Even though SEO strategies have been around for a while, they have evolved from simply focusing on keywords. Now, a sound SEO strategy is the one that facilitates today’s technological tools like voice search, featured snippets, mobile-first index, and more. Don’t get left behind, and use the above pointers to stay ahead.

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