Syska P0511J Power Bank launched for Rs 1199

Syska P0511J Power Bank launched

Syska Accessories are very well known to offer a wide range of advanced accessories that focuses on enriching the user experience. Today, the brand has announced the launch of its latest product named P0511J Power Bank.  The power bank comes with a battery back up of 5000mAh.  Power bank works as an inexpensive alternative for most instead of replacing the smartphone battery.

Features of the Syska P0511J:

  1. Syska P0511J is a power bank that is super lightweight and is compact in size.
  2. The product comes in various colors and the power bank indicates its plug-in power through Led indicator for better knowledge of battery statics.
  3. The power bank features an intelligent multi-protection circuit that provides a constant stream of current to ensure safe charging.
  4. Syska P0511J Power Bank can shunt its current which allows the power bank to self-charge.
  5. The power bank features the “Overcharge and Discharge Protection” function that instantly disables the output when it exceeds the rated current to protect the circuit’s safety.
  6. The power banks come with multiple connectors like One Micro USB for input and output.
  7. The power bank is compatible with a wide range of devices like Digital Cameras, Gaming Consoles, Tablets, Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Android or iPhones.

Price and Availability:

 The price of the power bank is Rs. 1199/- and comes with 6 months warranty. It is available in red, blue and silver colors.

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