Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup 2023 Finale: A Decade of Gaming Excellence and Inclusivity

Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup 2023

Gaming enthusiasts celebrated as the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup (TEGC) 2023 grand finale unfolded in grandeur at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon NCR on November 18. This significant event not only marked a thrilling decade of gaming excellence but also championed inclusivity, bringing together notable gaming influencers and showcasing cutting-edge gaming products from Taiwan.

TEGC, India’s longstanding esports championship, has evolved beyond a mere competition, becoming a platform that acknowledges the positive impact of gaming on individuals and communities. Going beyond skill and competition, TEGC actively encourages a healthy and inclusive lifestyle among gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

The TEGC 2023 qualifiers, held from September 28 to Oct 22, identified the ultimate champions from a pool of skilled players. The grand finale witnessed teams like Legacy Esports and Gods Reign (Counter Strike 2) and GodLike Esports and TWOB (Call of Duty Mobile) taking home top honors. Leading Taiwanese brands supported the championship, showcasing their excellence in gaming and lifestyle products.

The grand finale was attended by gaming industry influencers Snax and Krutika, creating memorable interactions for the participants. In a groundbreaking move, TEGC introduced a dedicated competition for India’s top female gamers, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity within the gaming community.

Aligning with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), TEGC partnered with an NGO dedicated to educating underprivileged children. These children had the unique opportunity to attend the finale, explore Taiwanese products, and engage with influencers, turning the event into a memorable experience.

Over the past decade, TEGC has played a pivotal role in India’s esports landscape, with participant numbers increasing significantly. Ms. Estela Chen, Executive Director of Economic Division, Taipei Economic & Culture Center – India, expressed pride in TEGC’s transformative impact.

The grand finale was not just about competition; it offered live performances, surprises, and an immersive exploration of gaming and innovation, leaving participants invigorated by this unique experience.

TEGC has been the starting point for many of India’s beloved esports champions, who have not only emerged from TEGC but have also excelled in national and international esports tournaments. As Taiwan Excellence continues to introduce the Best Made in Taiwan to India, the collaboration promises to aid cooperation between the two nations.

The TEGC 2023 grand finale stands as a testament to a decade of gaming brilliance, inclusivity, and the continuous elevation of India’s esports arena.

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