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Internet connection or cellular phone coverage always needed to chat or share pics with your friends and family.The problem started when there is no internet access available and you want to chat or share some data with your friends.TapChat is the solution of this problem as it can help to Chat Without Internet connection or cellular phone coverage around you.

Chatting to someone who is sitting next to you or in same room,don’t looks a good idea to using a separate chatting app to talk .But it can help to send a important text,files,voice messages etc. without internet to your friend /family with no cost.It also support a offline group chatting with friends.

What is TapChat Android App ?

chat without internetTapChat is a FREE App which gives a New Way Of Chatting & Sharing Files among Friends Without Internet.This Android App comes with a bundle of features in one single app.You can Send Chat Messages, Files, Images, Videos, audio as well as create your own drawing and share it with your friends.And the best part of this App gives you the ability to chat without internet .It comes with a clean and user friendly user interface.

Features :

  • Send Chat Messages, Files, Images, Videos, Audio & Drawings
  • Works On WiFi-Direct (NO INTERNET REQUIRED)
  • Draw and Send (Create & Send Drawings)
  • Group Chat
  • No Advertisements in App
  • All Chat is Temporary Stored (When you close App your chat will remove)
  • Completely FREE

How to Setup & Use TapChat Android App ?

Step 1 : Open TapChat Android App open TapChat app chat without internetStep 2 : Invite Friends Or Click WiFi IconCreate-A-Wifi-Direct-Host-Or-Connect-To-A-Wifi-Direct-HostClick to Wi-Fi Direct then Create A WiFi Direct Host Or Connect/Join To A WiFi Direct Host. (Authenticate yourself using System Generated Password for Connecting WiFi direct)

Step 3 : Return To TapChat App.Now You Will See Username Screen If Not Try AgainCome-Back-To-App.Now-You-Will-See-UserName-Screen-If-Not-Try-AgainEnter Username and Start the Chat

Note:If you are a Server , Start the Chat First. Then, tell your Peer Devices to Start the Chat as Client

Step 4 : Now You Have Entered the Chat Stream.

Step 5 : Send Text, Video, Audio, Drawings, Files Without Any Limit To Unlimited UsersSend Text, Video, Audio, Drawings, Files Without Any Limit To Unlimited Users and Without any use of Internet

Step 5 : Just close the App and all the chat will be deleted.

Step 6 : Enjoy the chatting without Internet 🙂

Note :

  • No Received files are Stored on User’s Device by default ,they are just loaded live from Another Device.
  • If You Want To Save Media You Can Long Press that Chat Bubble and Download the file


TapChat is a very useful Android App which can solve many day to day problems of chatting with friends without internet.And you can also share your Files and media with your friends.Most interesting feature which you may like the most is Creating and Sending your Drawing and sketch to your friends. Comment about your experience and Views about this awesome Chatting App.

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