This contemporary world is now far different than the times our ancestors spent. We are living in the times of technology. This era seems to be impossible without all the ease we have got. Just consider a general observation of your surroundings; it is having a big number of gadgets serving us the whole day. We can surely move ahead from here but there is no way back. Communication through the gadgets containing various technologies is the main feature that has grown the rest of the businesses and technology enhancement.

What does IT mean?

The scientific practices that have helped the human to use the systems, for instance, the computers or telecommunications comes under the heading of information technology. The knowledge of information technology is used for several tasks related to business works. Offices have initiated to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate their respective data in systems. This data is easily accessible to the people allowed to see it. The computer itself is a set of technologies.

How it helps a country to develop?

Technology has brought a lot of business to the countries which are able to manage the resources in the right way by upgrading the latest forms of technology. Not merely in offices or computer systems but in all types of gadgets or defensive items available in the market. The success and failure of being a developed country now lies in holding as much of the technology as possible. Hence, this era is sustaining because of such useful communicating tools. Today the businesses are able to trade with other businesses in other countries, staying in their own country. Leaders and the general public is not traveling through camels to reach after months or even more, the advancement of an airplane is common. It is, therefore, a fact to understand here that the countries need to improve and upgrade themselves to survive. The government in this regard plays a vital role. However, the regulatory authorities can manage to get updated proposals in their particular segments. Currently, Iraq is attempting to upgrade itself out of all the damages it has been facing in the last few years. It needs to improve the Infrastructure, government reliability, local markets to attract foreign investment and last but not least technology.  Iraq’s regulatory authorities for telecommunications, mobile phones, and computers/ television etcetera; all need to design proposals to enhance the current conditions of the state. One has to accept that “technology brings prosperity” in the present scenario.


The impacts of technology on our lives are prominent. This is the most advanced century which is blessed with a number of useful devices. Like every other example about advantages and disadvantages, technology is relatively the same. It has made humans very lazy but has added communication with those living too far. Many manufacturing companies came into existence once the technology got the rise. Countries are not manufacturing the devices and inventing the latest models. A race for technology can be observed among the countries.

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