Lenovo and Intel shine spotlight on Asia Pacific’s up-and-coming gaming stars

Winner winner chicken dinner! Aerowolf Pro Team from Indonesia brings home the LoC IV trophy
Winner winner chicken dinner! Aerowolf Pro Team from Indonesia brings home the LoC IV trophy

Lenovo is one of the world’s leading smart device manufacturer and today it witnessed the grand finale of its Legion Of Champions IV  in Bangkok. Legion Of Champions IV  is the fourth series of Lenovo’s flagship gaming competition. This competition was held in partnership with Intel. Legion Of Champions IV gaming competition, gamers from 12 markets in Asia Pacific, including teams from Australia and New Zealand participated for the first time.  Moreover earlier this year,  Lenovo has also launched its inaugural all-female championship in partnership with Intel – Legion of Valkyries (LoV). LoV was all about female gamers and is designed to empower and celebrate women in esports.

Here is the names of the victorious teams for the Legion of Champions IV competition (LoC) :

  1. LoC IV Champions: Team Aerowolf Pro Team
  2. First runner-up: Team TokioStriker
  3. Second runner-up: Team M1 Esports

The Game played was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Here is the names of the victorious teams for the Legion of Valkyries competition (LoV) :

  • LoV Champions: Team Illuminate
  • First runner-up: Team GE.RAYNE (India)
  • Second runner-up: Team Mako Fe

The Game played was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

“Aerowolf Pro Team deserves their glory and have proved themselves worthy champions. Gaming is undergoing an unprecedented evolution with new technologies and more attention centered on the rise of e-gaming. As such, we want to do everything we can to support that continued growth and walk alongside these gamers. We recognize that both casual and serious gamers, united by their passion for gaming, are growing as a community,” said Ivan Cheung, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Regional General Manager, Lenovo Central Asia Pacific. “Indonesia has a progressive esports industry and we are thrilled to be part of the dynamic gaming landscape here.”

Ken Wong, President, PCs and Smart Devices, Lenovo Asia Pacific said that today gaming has become an exciting part of daily life for players from all age groups and from all backgrounds. He added that gaming is an important channel for entertainment for both players, spectators, and fans. This is the only reason why Lenovo partnered with Intel on the fourth Legion of Champions tournament.

George Chacko, Director of Global Account for Lenovo, Intel Asia Pacific congratulates the winners and all the participants of the Lenovo Legion of Champions for creating this amazing experience. He also added that Intel will continue the partnership with Lenovo to help grow and elevate esports in the region by providing end-to-end pro gaming solutions, powered by the latest Intel technologies

The LoC Champions, Team Aerowolf pro won the figurative chicken dinner and walked home with USD4,000 in cash as well as USD6,000 worth of Legion Y540 laptops. The first and second runner up of the LoC IV competition took home USD3,000 and USD2,000, respectively.

One of the team members from Aerowolf Team, Rido Dwiki Sena said that the competition was an amazing experience and this tournament served as a great platform for him to meet gamers from different markets and share a new experience. He added that he learned new tricks to prepare for the competition. In the end, he showed his gratitude towards Lenovo and gave a final shout out to all the opponents in the final round, it was intense, but it made the challenge even more worthwhile.

All the fans and spectators out there who missed this amazing gaming experience can watch the final showdown between teams- teams Aerowolf Pro Team and TokioStriker via this link – https://www.twitch.tv/videos/521724173

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