19 Best Suspense Thriller Web Series Hindi Dubbed on Netflix

Suspense Thriller Web Series Hindi Dubbed on Netflix

Are you tired of the language barrier? Here is the best suspense thriller web series Hindi dubbed that you can watch at home. Boredom often hits hard when trying to make sense out of our free time or even when working from home.

It does get a little difficult when you are trying to choose the “best” or the “perfect” show on Netflix, Prime, or Hotstar.

Do not fret! We have compiled a list of the best suspense thriller web series in Hindi. You will definitely enjoy some, if not all, of them when you give them a chance.

The number of production houses and quality cinemas has never been higher than in 2024. People are easing into their routines, trying to make sense out of the new world followed by a pandemic. And with that on hand, a lot of us resorted to comfort watching on different platforms, like Netflix.

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Remember, the order of these series doesn’t determine whether the first one is going to be the best or the last is going to be bad. And, yes, the listing is going to be spoiler-free!


Best Suspense Thriller Web Series Hindi Dubbed.

1. Stranger Things

IMDB Rating – 8.7/10

Platform – Netflix

If you haven’t been living under a rock you must have definitely heard good things about this show. It started off in 2016 and has been a success ever since. The story starts when a young boy – Will disappears into – Let’s say a supernatural place. His parents, friends, and a police chief aim to work together to find and save him. There are some really good twists and turns to the story but overall the series seems to be one of a kind.

2. Who Killed Sara?

IMDB Rating – 6.6/10

Platform – Netflix

I will personally choose to watch this show at the last when the whole list is exhausted. It’s not a bad watch but it isn’t the best either. Perhaps I was too skeptical to add this movie to our list of best suspense thriller web series Hindi dubbed list but I think it is worth giving a shot. It can be one of those shows where you can mindlessly watch a series without making heads and tails out of it. Yes, there may be some plot loopholes but all in all, it’s worth a watch; at least once.

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The story revolves around Alex who is trying to find revenge for his sister’s murder as he was framed for the same. He begins to unravel a lot of things that he didn’t expect and to know more you will have to watch this show.

3. The Irregulars

IMDB Rating – 5.9/10

Platform – Netflix

If you have read the book then you will definitely enjoy this show. The story is set in Victorian London where a bunch of gang-troubled teenagers are made to solve crimes for the brilliant Sherlock Holmes and the sinister Doctor Watson. The concept is quite a bit different in this show and there’s a 50-50 chance for the like and the dislike. This series has gained great attention due to it being one of the best suspense thriller web series Hindi dubbed. It has gotten mixed reviews but I would recommend watching it.

4 .The Innocent (El Inocente)

IMDB Rating – 8.0/10

Platform – Netflix

What makes it one of the best suspense thriller web series hindi dubbed? El Inocente (original title) is a mini TV series that involves an accidental killing which in turn makes the protagonist dive into the deep dark hole of murder and intrigue. The whole series even if it’s short makes sure that it’s suspenseful and contains very deep character-building. The plot is great, the storytelling is immersive and the whole series is a brilliant thriller.

5. Intrusion

Suspense Thriller Web Series Hindi Dubbed on Netflix

IMDb Rating – 5.2/10 (Not as bad as you think it will be)

Platform – Netflix

This movie is a drama as well as a thriller. Yes, it may hold a below-par rating but it’s a very casual psycho-thriller watch for you. You will find it predictable yet interesting at the same time.

The story revolves around the plot where a woman moves into a small town with her husband but she isn’t prepared for the home invasion that is being planned. She looks for answers and she does not like what she finds around her. The people around her may not be the ones she thought they were.

Apart from these, must watches, we suggest you some other great series below. You can filter out your favourite genres.

Sl. noSuspense Thriller Web Series Hindi DubbedIMDB RatingNetflix Link
1The Alienist7.7Click here
2Mindhunter8.6Click here
3Criminal: UK7.7Click here
4Altered Carbon7.9Click here
5Happy!8.1Click here
6Into the Badlands7.9Click here
7Shutter Island8.2Click here
8The Girl on the Train6.5Click here
9In the Shadow of the Moon6.2Click here
10Armageddon7.2Click here
11Case 396.2Click here
12Lucy6.4Click here
13The Weekend Away5.6Click here
14Spiderhead5.4Click here

My Thoughts: Best Suspense Thriller Web Series Hindi Dubbed

The list comes to an end here and personally, I would recommend starting off with “The Intrusion” and if you want some suspense with your thrillers “Who Killed Sara?” should be your go-to TV Show in that case. The Irregulars should be the next on your watchlist to make the most of your binge session in case you were planning any. The mix of great cinematography, proper direction, and interesting storylines made me choose the selected titles.

Wishing you an exciting binge-watch. Check out Techniblogic for more exciting and informative content.

Which are the best Hindi dubbed web series on Netflix?

Some of the best Hindi dubbed web series on Netflix are The Alienist, Mindhunter, and The Altered Carbon. The full list is mentioned in detail in the blog.

What is Netflix’s most loved web series?

Without a doubt, all the above-mentioned series are the most watched series on Netflix.

Which series is full of suspense on Netflix?

In the Shadow of the Moon and the Spiderhead is a series full of suspense.

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