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10 Hidden Best App to Make Video with Photos and Music

You ever think how to create videos just by using photos many platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, are more promoting Short Video Reels than a photo. Don’t worry. We have some hidden best app to make video with photos and music in a few clicks.

The demand for video and visual content has skyrocketed, and it’s never been a better time to dive into the world of video creation. While there are people who spend a lot of time scrolling mindlessly over reel videos or YouTube shorts, there is the other group of creators who work day and night to fulfil this demand. We guess it’s a win-win for both parties, but good visual content sets you apart, and there are applications that can make sure you stand out from the crowd.

The creators are continuously pushing their boundaries with what they can do with their cameras and smartphones, and these video editing/ compiling applications make sure that the tech is not the limiting factor when you are trying to make a name for yourself or grow your brand on social media.

List of best apps to make videos with photos and music

1. Video Editor & Maker VideoShow

10 Hidden Best App to Make Video with Photos and Music 4

With an average rating of 4.5 stars on the Google play store, this application stands at #7 top grossing in video players and editors with 5M+ downloads. It is one of the best App to Make Video with Photos and music. It is easy to use Video Editor application which offers amazing editing features like an audio extractor, 4k export, special lenses, video dubbing, doodling, themes, filters and stickers. You can avail of more features like no watermark/no ad when you upgrade to VIP.

This application also offers a compressed video and video trimmer feature, which makes this application an all-in-one editor for all video or vlog-making needs.

2. FilmoraGo Video Editor & Maker

Best App to Make Video to Photos

This application has over 50M downloads with 4.6 stars on the Google play store but with only 728k reviews. This app is one of the best App to Make Video to Photos. This application can easily be used by beginners and is loaded with interesting tools. It includes features like trim and cut, multiple filters, speed adjustment and includes over 1000 different styles of music. With a premium purchase of this app, you can gain access to no watermark/no ad feature.

Not only FimoraGo have excellent video effects like a glitch, VCR, and blur it also offers a very clean user interface which makes this app useful for everybody with no prior editing knowledge.  

3. Pixgram- Video photo slideshow

Best App to Make Video to Photos

This application by Swiitt Computing stands on an average rating of 3.9 and 10M downloads on the Google play store. The download size of this application is just 10 MB which is very low compared to other editing applications. Pixgram is a basic editing application with not many fancy features. It is a convenient application for basic-level editing and includes video filters and adds music options.

The drawback of this editing application is that you can’t add basic features like transition and text, and is reported to have glitches and bugs, which justifies its not-so-good rating on the play store.

4. Scoompa Video- Slideshow Maker and Video Editor

10 Hidden Best App to Make Video with Photos and Music 5

Scoompa owns an average rating of 4.5 stars with 10M downloads on the Google play store. Its user-friendliness and perfect interface make this an excellent editing application. This video editing application is incredibly easy to use to create amazing video slideshows. It includes numerous video styles, frames, 100+ stickers and over 55 different fonts, which this editing application fun and interesting.

Scoompa has a stunning and intuitive user interface and offers a free trial that allows users to experience the capabilities of the PRO plan for a week which allows the users to create videos longer videos in HD quality and without interrupting ads or watermarks.

5. VLLO- Intuitive Video Editor

Best App to Make Video to Photos

This application by Vimosoft is rated 4.2 on the Google play store with over 10M downloads.  It is an extremely easy video editing application for beginners and lets casual users edit a video on their mobile phones with numerous interesting features. It is a great App to Make Video to Photos and music. This application not only includes basic features like trim, split, and speed reverse but also provides 200+ royalty-free background music and 450+ sound effects, and it automatically saves the projects the user is working on.

The best thing about VLLO is that it comes with very little marketing and no watermark feature, which makes this an excellent application where users can enjoy its intuitive yet precise tools and features.

6. Instagram Reel Editor

10 Hidden Best App to Make Video with Photos and Music 6

Instagram’s Reel feature is a new and fun way to create short videos on Instagram. Instagram Reel Editor offers interesting camera effects and filters which makes this app even more interesting. Users can add background music and bring their short videos to life. Though Instagram Reel Editor is Instagram’s new feature, it seems like an application in itself with its numerous features like speed control, layouts and engaging filters.

Not only its an editor, but also engages with its users through its engrossing filters that include games and activities, which makes this even more interesting

Our Favourite App to Make Video with Photos

The default Instagram Reel editor, along with Filmora Go Video Editor and Maker, can be a splendid choice for you, and these applications cover all the basic tools that will fulfil all your video editing needs.  

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