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8 Best App for Makeup 2021 – Best Make Up Apps for Women


What are the Best App for Makeup? Have you ever felt that you look much better in real as compared to how your pictures turn out? It may be due to the lighting, camera angle, facial expressions etc. There are also days when we spend a lot of time doing our makeup, making that perfectly winged eyeliner, trying out different eye shadow shades and combination of colour, but all the either go unnoticed in the pictures you take or doesn’t turn out to be as good as it may be in real.

Beauty and makeup apps can be very useful in such situations. You can edit your pictures, do touch-ups in your pictures, smoothen and brighten up your face or even do your entire makeup virtually if you are too lazy to do it in real. In this article, we have shortlisted the best Apps for Makeup that will help transform your pictures entirely. So, if you want to try a virtual makeover, this is the best opportunity to do so.

Best App for Makeup 2023

1. Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover

Perfect365 is known to be one of the best virtual makeup apps in the market. The app contains almost everything that you need to makeover your pictures, from amazing filters to video tutorials, it has you all covered. One exciting feature is the no-makeup glow feature that does a very subtle touch-up in your pictures, without anyone getting to find that out.

The face detection is really effective, which makes your job even easier by making your virtual makeover appear as natural as possible. Makeup tutorials by popular makeup artists are also available on the app, so you can even recreate your virtual makeover looks in real life.

Install: Android | iOS

2. Cymera Camera


Cymera camera has a fantastic collection of photo effects, photo filters, stickers, crop, instafit, blur effect, mirror effect, tattoo & muscles effects and makeup! There are live filters available, as well as AR face stickers. The beauty camera is excellent for selfies as it is very effective and powerful, it gives you a very realistic makeover. If you download this app, do not forget to use the anti-shake mode in case you have messed up your pictures by shaking your phone and blurring them out.

Install: Android | iOS

3. Beauty Camera


Dull pictures look very unattractive and unpleasant, Beauty Camera helps solve that problem. You can easily brighten up your pictures and make them appear way more clear and bright. The app also allows you to tone up and sharpen up the images.

Install: Android

4. Beauty Makeup Editor

Beauty Makeup Editor is the best tool to edit and retouch your selfies. It has a decent collection of beauty filters, which are good enough to revamp your pictures. One exciting feature it offers you is the cropping feature that you can use to resize your pictures as per Instagram requirements. There are options to whiten your teeth, remove acne, select customized makeup options, lip shaper and eye beautification like changing eye-colour, eye shape, apply eyeliner etc.

Install: Android

5. YouFace Makeup – Makeover Studio


The adjustable skin tone option is one of the most useful features in this app, it transforms your pictures, giving it a more personalized and natural touch. You can also do some experimentation with different hairstyles and hair colour changing tools available in the app.

Install: Android

6. Pretty Makeup

Pretty Makeup app comes with a very impressive auto-recognition tool that automatically recognizes your facial features and gives you stunning and precise results. The app also has an amazing real-time beautifying effect with exclusive motion pictures that are very cool and unique. There are also amusing motion faces available in the app you should definitely try those out.

Install: Android

7. Visage Lab – face retouch


If you don’t want to do a step-by-step retouching of your pictures, you can easily refrain from doing so by using the Visage Lab. It is quick, and on to the point, you can easily edit your pictures even if you have no basic knowledge about makeup. The app has some exciting artistic effects and backgrounds that can be used to revamp your photos. There are a good number of retro and aged exotic backgrounds, photography effects, lighting effects and colour filters which are just too perfect for transforming your pictures.

Install: Android

8. Beauty Makeup – Photo Makeover


Beauty Makeup offers you almost all the features that other apps on this list have to offer. The effects and filters give you very detailed and professional results. It is easy and simple to use, the camera in the app is also very effective.

Install: Android

My Thoughts

Firstly, know that you are beautiful the way you are. Everybody has their own level of insecurities, and if you feel they hold you back, such apps can help boost up your confidence. Pictures can make you look quite different from reality, and it is okay if you want to make specific changes in how you look in those pictures.

Having said that, the app I would recommend my readers to try out is the Perfect365. It is easy to use and gives excellent results. Their face detection tool is really effective and is known for being very detailed and précised, leaving no chance of error.

If you have any app suggestions that you think we should add to our list of Best Apps for Makeup, please feel free to drop a comment, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you like our content, please do bookmark our website and stay tuned.

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