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10 Best App Lock For Android and iPhone 2020


Looking for Best App Lock For Android and iPhone? Most of us have private and sensitive information stored in our devices, like in our gallery, notes, e-mails, WhatsApp, social media apps etc. many people have young children around and hence would want to prevent those children from toggling around with their private information. Therefore, effective and strong App Lock is very necessary.

In this article, we have come up with the Best App Lockers for Android and iOS, to help you choose from the ocean of AppLocks available on Play Store and Apple stores.

Best App Lockers For Android and iOS

1. AppLock by SpSoft

Best App Lockers For Android

You can protect your apps using a password, pin or even fingerprint by using this app. You can even set a facelock. This AppLock also takes intruder selfies, so you can know who had been trying to check out your locked apps. Apart from locking the app, you can even lock the app’s notifications. This AppLock also offers a Smart Lock feature wherein you can lock your apps in a particular time frame, or unlock it when connected to a specific WiFi or Bluetooth. It is one of the Best App Lock For Android that you can download.

The app also allows you to set multiple passwords, that is different passwords for different apps. The app also doesn’t cover a lot of space in your phone, it just of 3MB in size and works very smoothly. Another cool feature of the app is the fake lock, wherein you can hide the app behind a fake error window.

Install: Android

2. AppLock by DoMobile Lab


This AppLock not only locks your apps, but it also has a Vault wherein you can hide your pictures and videos. The app has some exciting themes, which makes the app appear very interesting. You can even customize the background and profiles. The app also contains a Time Lock wherein you can auto-lock/unlock according to the time you set.

The keyboard can be randomized, so even if something tries to remember your password by a pattern, the numbers get shuffled every time and hence that trick of theirs won’t work. There is also a power-saving mode. Therefore the app doesn’t consume a lot of your battery. It also prevents the uninstalling of your apps.

Install: Android | iOS

3. AppLock by SailingLab


This AppLock consists of some exciting and rich themes. This app also contains a random keyboard which makes it much safer for your apps. You can even lock your home screen using the app. The app also has uninstallation prevention so that your apps don’t get deleted accidentally/purposely by others. The app interface is easy to use and is simple and effective.

Install: Android

4. AppLock by Lovekara


This AppLock is extremely simple in design and very easy to use. It can be used to lock your contacts, SMS, e-mails, gallery, settings, calls, amongst other apps. If you are looking for a minimalist app that is solely for locking your apps and other things, this app is just great for that.

Install: Android

5. Norton App Lock


Norton AppLock is a simple AppLock, it’s easy to use and does its job pretty smoothly. All you have to do is select the apps you wish to lock and set the password. The app doesn’t have much to offer, it’s minimalist and meant only to lock your apps.

Install: Android

6. AppLocker by BGNmobi

This app some exciting colour schemes and themes which you can set to make your experience most personal and just the way you like it. Along with password and pin, this AppLock also has fingerprint support. The app also takes intruder selfies.

Install: Android

7. AppLock Master


This app is a smart lock for locking your apps with a PIN or password or even a fingerprint lock. The app has features such as taking intruder selfies and even hiding the app icons. You can even lock your system setting to prevent the apps from getting uninstalled. The app has a variety of themes and backgrounds for you to choose from.

Install: Android

8. App Lock by Lite Tools Studio


Apart from locking your apps or gallery, you can even lock your private notes. The app is lightweight yet powerful and fast in response. The app is also very easy to use, there are not many technicalities involved to confuse. It also takes intruder selfies.

Install: Android

9. Lock App


This AppLock is small in size and completely ad-free. This app also doesn’t consume a lot of your battery. The app is regularly updated to give you smooth user experience, it is easy and simple to use.

Install: Android

10. AppLock Lite by DoMobile Lab


This AppLock is the lighter version of the AppLock by DoMobile. The functions are similar to the initial app, it includes customizable profiles, exciting themes, time lock, power-saving mode and lock switch for Bluetooth and WiFi, amongst other features that the app has to offer. If you are looking for an app to give you a quality experience but not taking up a lot of your storage space, then this app is definitely something you should be installed on your phone.

Install: Android

My Thoughts

App Lockers are essential and can be very helpful for most of us. If you are looking for an all-purpose AppLock, which not only protects your apps but also has a vault for your pictures and videos, then you should definitely consider AppLock by DoMobile Lab. The app is also customizable and is easy to use. Its lighter version is also available.

If you have any app suggestions that you think we should add to our list of Best App Lock for Android and iOS, please feel free to drop a comment, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you like our content, please do bookmark our website and stay tuned.

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