10 Best App of Quotes for Android and iOS

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Quotes can serve as really effective tools in once life. They can keep you motivated, encourage you in your hard times, make you laugh in sad times, help you feel positive and inspired, and whatnot. The internet is filled with plenty of apps that have collections of quotes, citations and sayings in the. It can indeed be tough to choose which ones are suitable for you. The Best App of Quotes in this list have got you all covered, you can read quotes from numerous categories, and even design/customize quotes for your own self and share them with your friends and family.

In this article, we have come up with the Best App of Quotes that have a huge variety of quotes for every mood and situation you may encounter in your day to day lives.

Best App of Quotes for Android and iOS

1. Brilliant Quotes

As the name suggests, Brilliant Quotes has a really brilliant collection of quotes from prominent authors, philosophers, personalities, books, etc. The app consists of handpicked 3600+ quotes from 260+ authors. You can even read more about the authors whose quotes might have intrigued you. There are a variety of quotes available based on different moods and situations in which you may have to use them, ranging from motivational quotes to love, spiritual, funny, or even comforting quotes. The app has a lovely and intuitive user interface, and you’ll surely enjoy using the app. The app also provides a widget that you can pin to your home screen and select which app you would want to display there.

Download: Android | iOS

2. YourQuote


YourQuote is the best app of quotes where you can write quotes, Shayari, poems or sayings. You can expect some really out of the box and inspiring quotes coming from new and emerging writers. You can post your quote along with an image from your gallery, apart from that you can also customize your quotes by changing the font, font size, background image etc. The app community is also fantastic and you can connect with writers from different parts of the world.

Download: Android  |  iOS

3. Quotes Creator

Quotes Creator-best-quotes-app

Apart from finding quotes on the app, you can also create your own quotes using images from your gallery, Another cool feature is that you can also create your quote templates which can be shared easily with your friends and family. You can add texts on your images, as well as cool stickers to make them more interesting. In this app, you can find more than 2000 quotes and citations belonging to 25 different categories.

Download: Android

4. 50000 Status Quotes Collection

50000 Status Quotes Collection-best-quotes-app

As the name makes it pretty evident, this app has a massive collection of quotes in over 15 different categories. You can easily share those with your friends and family. You also get some exciting good morning and goodnight quotes and short poems that you can send to your close ones on WhatsApp or other apps. To sum up, this app contains quotes of any occasion you can possibly think of.

Download: Android

5. 11000 Quotes, Sayings and Status

11000 Quotes, Sayings & Status-best-quotes-app

This app contains more than 11000 quotes and saying that you can share it with others as well. The best part about the app is that you can access the quotes even when you are offline. You can also save your favourite quotes in their “Favorites” section. The app also gives “Quote of the day” notification, so you get to read new quotes daily.It can also be considered as the best app of quotes

Download: Android  | iOS

6. Motivational Quotes

Motivational  quotes are the another app in the list of best app of quotes. Having this app on your phone is a great way to remind yourself to feel positive and happy about yourself and your situations. The app contains some really motivational quotes to keep you motivated all the time. The variety of quotes in the app is enormous, you get to read quotes of all kinds, such as faith-quotes, forgiveness-quotes, self-respect quotes, self-discovery quotes, karma quotes etc. The app also contains some very effective parenting tips to help raise their kids in a much more positive and healthy manner. The app also provides tips to boost your confidence and face failure confidently.

Download: Android

7. The Best Life Quotes

The app has a beautiful collection of simple and sweet quotes in our everyday life and everyday life situations. The app interface is simple and very easy to use. You get to ready texts in text forms as well with aesthetic backgrounds along with quotes.

Download: Android

8. Best Quotes and Status

Best Quotes and Status-best-quotes-app

The app is easy to use and is very effective. With this app, you can copy the quotes in texts and send them as text messages. You can also save the quotes in the picture form or even change the background image of the quotes by choosing pictures from your gallery that you may find more suitable and relevant. The best part about this app is that you can use it in offline mode as well.

Download: Android

9. The Best Lessons In Life Quotes

The Best Lessons in Life Quotes-best-quotes-app

Each one of us has moments to cherish in our lives and moments that left an impact on us and helped us grow into a better person. The Best Lessons in Life Quotes app is the best app that provides you with lessons and learnings from our life that can help you feel more positive about your life. The quotes are very inspiring and motivating. Even this app is available in offline mode.

Download: Android

10. 100000+ Quotes about Life and Love

100000+ Quotes about Life and Love-best-quotes-app

It is literally the best app of quotes. The app contains a vast collection of quotes from diverse categories. The app also provides daily quotes notifications. You can also use the app widget on your home screen to get daily quote updates. The app allows you to browse quotes by author and category.

Download: Android

My Thoughts

The above listed are the best app of quotes. They are easy to use and have some exciting and amazing apps that you will surely enjoy reading and sharing with others. My recommendation would be to download the Brilliant Quotes app, it has an excellent collection of famous quotes and sayings from eminent personalities and works of the time. You can find some interesting and insightful quotes on this app.

Let us know which app worked the best for you in the comments section below. If you have any app suggestions that you think we should add to our list of Best Apps for Quotes, please feel free to drop a comment, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you like our content, please do bookmark our website and stay tuned to techniblogic

What are best app of quotes?
The best apps of quotes are listed below

Mantra – Daily Affirmations. Health & Fitness.
Life Quotes – Inspiration. Health & Fitness.
Manifest Affirmations. Health & Fitness.
Peptalk Daily Motivation Coach.Fitness

Is the Daily Quote app free?

Yes the Daily Quote app is completely free.

Where can I find real quotes?

Wikiquote: “A free online compendium of sourced quotations from notable people and creative works in every language.

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