Teens’ Robotic Behavior! Help Them With Android Parental Control Apps

android parental apps

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, children aged between 8 to 18 spend over 7 ½ hours on online social media. The majority of them, approach Teens act robotic. They do because they spend most of their time with the technology rather than the people around. Their real time communications have now largely been replaced by the text messages and social media.Android Parental Control Apps re the solution to limit your teens’ screen time to pull them back to the real life interactions.android parental appssocial media using their Android smartphones, which are now taking a toll intellect on their emotional intellect. They exchange emoticons much more than they change their expression during the real life interactions. Through another study, it has been devised that the over-use of technology reduces our abilities to read emotions. So all in all, technology, especially the smartphone are the culprits for your teens’ robotic behavior but worry not as the problem has the solution too. And the solution to this problem is Android parental control app.

andriod parental controls

How is Parental Control App the solution?

The parental control apps are the solution to limit your teens’ screen time to pull them back to the real life interactions. There are many apps that let you take control over your teens’ screen time, but the one most in demand is FamilyTime. Family Time is an advanced Android parental control app that empowers parents to:

  1. Remotely lock their teens’ phone for the time they wish
  2. Block apps their teens use most of the times

But before taking these controls in hand, it is recommended that you talk to your teen about their attitude and behavior and if with this all, they don’t mend their ways, you can always lock their smartphones in the public gathers, at any event or social interaction so they pay attention to the happenings around and learn to socialize in the real world. You can also blacklist their most played apps for any given time you want.

Isn’t it all you require? To download this app for free; simply go to your Google Play Store or just tap these buttons below:Google-Play-Store

Raise Your Teen as a Human

Keeping pace with technology and the fast moving world is good but in this race, you can’t afford your teen to lose the real essence of being a human. Help them grow in a better world in a better way with the Android parental control app and ace parenting

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