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Telegram launches Group Chat extension for Channels


Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging application that was launched in the year 2013. The application highly focuses on security and speed. The app comes with a feature where one can add unlimited participants on a channel and up to 200 million members in a group.

Recently, the telegram has come up with a discussion button. The button is available on the channels where the admins can enable them to provide a whole new chat section associated with the specific channel. More often we see that the official channels created by an organization or by the companies are the chat restricted channels where only the admin has the right to post about the latest updates and the information related to the company whereas other group participants can only read but they have no right to post information from their end. Neither they have the right to be the part of the discussion or the right to post some information from their end.Telegram launches Group Chat extension for Channels

For such a challenge, if a specific person is interested to add his opinion on a particular on an existing or ongoing topic running on the platform, they have a way to participate and initiate a discussion on a separate extended group chat attached to the channel.  All the messages then automatically get re-posted in this chat group one’s the user sends the message to the main channel. This can be very useful for the admin or the main authority who can then pick up feedback and queries coming from their users and can then act accordingly.

The advantages of the Discussion Chat Group Feature

1.The feature allows the participants to interact among themselves.

2.The feature is capable of creating an active buzz around the latest updates provided by the company and allows the users to generate a pro-active conversation around it.

3.In case there is a piece of wrong information floating around the internet and the users in the group are discussing the same, then the admins can jump into the group chat conversations to provide the accurate information with higher authenticity.

Here are the steps to create a Discussion Chat Group attached to your closed channel

  1. Admin needs to click on the top right corner button of a channel
  2. The second step is to tap on Manage Channel
  3. Now, select Discussion followed by a button named as “Add a Group”
  4.  Now, Tap on Create a Group
  5. Insert your choice of Name for your associated group chat forum

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