The Difference Between Deebot Vs. Roomba: Which Brand Is The Best? Review 2019


It is next to impossible for house owners to keep the apartment floor spick and span 24 x 7. Even if they hire housekeepers, they have a limit to which they can push their working capacity. If you are in a similar situation, then a robot vacuum is the best solution to all your cleaning problems. With minimal human intervention, robots can keep a room tidy all the time. But with so many options available in the market, the question arises, which one to choose?

Popular Robot Cleaner Brands

Speaking of that, Deebot and Roomba are the most popular brands offering sophisticated robot vacuums to cater to all your house cleaning needs. But again, you can’t have both, so the dilemma remains. So, to help homeowners ease out their nerves, we have compiled a detailed comparison along with a thorough review of Deebot vs. Roomba that will help you make the final decision. But before diving into that, let us take a look at their detailed reviews.

Here is a review of our best picks for Deebot as well as Roomba to give users an insight into the functioning of both models.

EcoVacs Deebot N79 Review

If you are looking for an affordable vacuum that works in order, then the EcoVacs Deebot N79 is quite a decent choice. As compared to other robot cleaners that cost a fortune, this one does its job pretty well considering the inexpensive price tag. The best thing about it is that the cleaner won’t get stuck unless one cleaning cycle is complete. Issues that generally prompt other robots to cease their operation completely don’t bug this one. It finds a way around obstacles and continues to clean.

Best Features of EcoVacs Deebot N79

1. Little to no human intervention:
In most robot vacuums, some human labor is required to keep things running smoothly. This is not the case with this one as it requires minimal to no human intervention at all.

2. Noise-proof:
If you prefer a vacuum working in a silent state, this is your pick! The EcoVacs Deebot N79 doesn’t create any noise and operates as quietly as its heavily priced competitors.

3. Re-cleans missed out dirt:
In case it misses out a portion to be cleaned, the robot returns to that particular place after the entire session is over. It goes into the slow suction mode to pick up any leftover debris.

4. Enhanced battery life:
EcoVacs Deebot N79 has outstanding battery life and can run on its own for up to 2 hours. Moreover, users need not fret over battery replacement for a few years.

5. Smart technology:
If you wish to enter an immaculate home after a hectic day at work, this robot cleaner is at your service. The smart technology enables users to operate it from their smartphones through the brand’s Android and iOS app.


1. Not suitable for carpeted floors

Although the robot works excellent for regular house floors, you might want to opt for something with a higher power for carpeted floors.

2. Larger floor areas won’t benefit as much

If the area is way too enormous, it might stress out the bot since it is not meant for extremely heavy cleaning jobs.

General Review of Roomba Models

Instead of picking a specific Roomba model, we are going to provide a general review as they all operate more or less the same way. Roomba more or less shares the same features of Deebot except for mopping.

Roomba Features

1. It can easily crawl under your furniture to carry out the cleaning process in areas your hand doesn’t reach easily.

2. The impeccable sensors enable Roomba to prevent itself from falling off the stairs and wall edges. Instead of stopping the cleaning cycle on encountering obstacles, it overcomes the hurdles and continues.

3. Another great feature of the Roomba is the virtual wall navigation system that enables it to stay in the room meant to be cleaned. Although if you operate it in the lighthouse mode, you can escort it to another room with the help of navigation controls.

4. When the battery is almost on the verge of dying, the sensors can detect the location of the charging dock for automatic recharging.

5. The series 700 and the models manufactured after that possess a full bin indication system that enables users to empty the bin when it has reached its maximum capacity.


1. Expensive

When it comes to pricing, Roomba doesn’t leave out any bits in that area. But on the bright side, customers do get the whole value of their money spent.

Comparison of Deebot vs. Roomba

The Deebot covers a lot of areas from wooden and tiled floors to mopping and sweeping all kinds of floors. The wide range of colors is again a plus point. Roomba vacuums are stronger and can easily handle carpeted floors although they lack a color variety sticking to the dark side of things.

The overall performance of Roomba is for sure better than Deebot. But that doesn’t make much difference if we start to consider the steep price tag of Roomba models as compared to Deebot.

The main area in which Deebot triumphs over Roomba is the price. Deebot provides features similar to that of Roomba at a comparatively cheaper rate. Plus, Roomba doesn’t offer a mopping option in its models. This makes Deebot n overall better choice over Roomba. Both come with a one-year warranty although the Roomba has a six months warranty for its battery.


When it comes to opting for a vacuum cleaner, customized requirements play a crucial role while one is out there to make the final purchase. Bottom line, the choice depends on individual cleaning needs and priorities. If you have a carpeted floor or an enormous cleaning area, then Roomba is a better choice. On the other hand, if your deck needs more mopping action and you are on a budget, Deebot is an obvious choice.

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