The easiest way to transfer data from Android to iOS

Android to IOS

Do you feel interested to know how to transfer Android data to ios?  It is a simple process. Just you have to concentrate first on what I am going to express. Going through the process, you can transfer your data from Android device to the iPod and iPhone. Let you know.

Transfer data is not beyond pain. Especially when you want to transfer data from the mobile platform to another   It has been easier too much. You can transfer all data from your Android device to the iPad and iPhone.

Google plays store has made this easier. By using this play store, you can transfer music, passwords, apps, text message, and other relevant resources.

After going through the whole process, you face any obstacle to transferring data; you can try this review there you will have a better solution.

The process what you have to follow to transfer data

On your iPad, you should set up the normal process so that you can reach the data screen and apps. Then you have to select the move data from android options. After that, you will notice that a code of 10 digits has appeared on the screen.

Once you complete the whole process of setting, you will be able to remove your devices. Then Go to the setting option to reset everything. By resetting, you can remove all the existed content.

Opening your Android device, you can connect the internet network.

Then go to the Google play store. There you have the chance to download the move to ios apps.

Next, try to open the apps and click to continue pressing the term and conditions. At this position, you will have the ten-digit code from your iPhone to click the next button.

Then you will have the chance to choose to transfer any data just clicking and selecting. You can transfer a lot of things among these text messages, photos, bookmarks, contacts, videos. You can select any item, whatever you like.

 Now, you will notice that your Android device has started to transfer data. It will take a couple of minutes to transfer data. It is up to your data how much data you are going to transfer from Android to ios. But you can complete your data process within 10 minutes.

The similarity of Google apps on iOS and Android

Goggle apps and services have a huge similarity between Android and ios. You will notice the difference in Goggle Maps, Goggle photos, Goggle search, Google calendar, Goggle play music, and other functionalities. In Goggle, a lot of things are merged. As a result, it is easier to transfer data in many cases.

Data transfer has been more effortless much because of Google play store. The process is relatively straight forward. It is easier to do through the safety net. Just going through the whole process, you can transfer data from your Android to iPod and ios. It does not hassle like the previous period. Now you can try using the Goggle play store following the process.

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