The Ultimate Gaming Mouse EVER! – RBT Mouse

The Ultimate Gaming Mouse EVER! - RBT Mouse

Working on laptops or personal computer gets easier when we use a mouse. The tiny pointing device is very important. Although these actions can be performed by touchpad but still for an ease and convenience people prefer a mouse. To provide more ease and convenience in a smart way few people invented a mouse named as RBT (Right aBove Touch).

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RBT is world’s first perception hacking computing device that is designed somewhat like a conventional mouse but it can reduce pain caused by the conventional mouse. Right aBove touch design makes a manoeuvre and improves clicks rate.

How to use RBT?

Simply plug in the device into your system and you’re good to go. Click on the game you plan to play and play it with full savage and comfort, as the device increases the APM and decreases the pain that your hands or fingers suffer from the usage of the conventional mouse.


  • It requires faster reaction time while increasing the comfort.
  • With the base-clicking structure, the RBT makes it possible to achieve even more clicking speed with full accuracy.
  • With RBT there is no need for adapting to certain grip styles.
  • RBT patented design makes using it surprisingly comfortable.
  • Maximum tracking rate of RBT is 150ips and maximum acceleration rate is up to 30G.


The Ultimate Gaming Mouse EVER! - RBT Mouse

RBT is the best pointing device available in the market for gamers, badass designers and everyday workaholics. In addition, you will feel the full relief of tension on the hand while using because it enables the ergonomic base clicking.


The product is available on the official site of indigogo. The price of RBT is $150 USD. It will probably be shipped later this year. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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