Things you ought to know about the new iPad

Things you ought to know about the new iPad 1

Apple is the global leader in providing the finest tablets and Smartphones that are perhaps a status symbol for millions of people around the globe. The company recently announced the launch of the new addition to the existing iPad flagship, the new iPad featuring a stunning 9.7-inch Retina display.  Apple is known for their premium products that have eventually set a benchmark as the market rules, and the new iPad is probably the game-changer for the company as numerous people were eagerly waiting for the launch of iPad with certain features that Apple has fulfilled. Here we’ll discuss some of the striking features of the new iPad.

The Stunning 9.7-inch Retina Display

The new iPad is featured with the iconic Retina display that is capable of delivering stupendous graphics and video experience that you can never expect from a regular HD display. Furthermore, the display has enhanced brightness levels that significantly augment the leisure of watching your favorite movies and videos in an entirely new way. You can enjoy millions of games on your new iPad available on the App Store that is specially designed for the iPad and offers tremendous gaming experience. Apart from this, the Retina Display is designed in such a way that complements the new iPad in many ways with over 3.1 million pixels and consumes less battery as compared to its ancestors. As per the company, the new iPad will be soon available for their customers, and one can easily purchase it from the official Apple Store or directly order online.

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The Powerful A9 Chip

Apart from the crisp display, the new iPad features a powerful A9 Chip that is capable of providing unmatched processing and enhanced multitasking with ease. The Chip is designed with a 64-bit desktop-class architecture that perfectly harmonizes fast processing and better graphics performance for games and applications. Moreover, the processor ensures less power consumption and thus, increasing the battery life without compromising on performance. Apple exclusively focuses on the multitasking feature of the iPad and each time an iPad is introduced; it is loaded with some great multitasking support features. The iOS 10.3 features a brilliant, flawless multitasking coupled with the slide over, Picture-in-Picture, and Split Screen. This is the first time Apple has introduced such an excellent multitasking feature in their iPad and is admired by millions of Apple fans that are impatiently waiting for every launch ceremony of Apple.

The Exceptional Low-Light Cameras

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The new iPad has astonishing front and back cameras that offer fabulous low light imaging and HD video recording experience that is irresistibly awesome. You can now click selfish and FaceTime your friends in a superior way. You can capture your best moments with the splendid 8MP primary camera and 1.2 MP FaceTime cameras that deliver outstanding video and imaging experience. The camera features a 1080p HD video recording feature that lets you capture your favorite memories in a superior way, and the front camera lets you click striking selfies.

Advanced Security with Touch id

The new iPad ensures proper security to your personal files and details and offers Touch id unlocking of your iPad. The feature was earlier available in the iPhones, and later it was introduced in the previous versions of the iPad. The new Touch id is advanced and quickly recognizes your finger’s impression and also has enhanced security features that are surprisingly impressive. You can now use your fingerprint to unlock apps and for purchasing stuff on the App Store, iTunes Store, or the iBook Store with ease. Apart from this, the Apple Pay is one of the securest modes of payment for buying stuff from your desired online stores and apps, and you can now use Apple Pay in Safari browser as well. You can also check out the official website of the company for further details about the enhanced security in the new iPad as the company is providing complete information on their site.

High-Speed Internet Connectivity on the Go

Apple has introduced the fastest internet connectivity in the new iPad, and it supports fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi that is capable of delivering an outstanding speed of up to 866-Mbps, which is the highest speed internet connectivity support on any iPad ever. You can easily surf your favorite stuff on the iPad at high-speed. Furthermore, there is an option to use cellular internet connectivity through LTE band support. You can now use your mobile data to connect to the internet and browse through your favorite stuff at ultra-high speeds.



The new iPad is tremendously outstanding with some great specs that are utterly irresistible. Apple will soon make the device available for its adored users who were waiting for the official launch of the new iPad.

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