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This Gajar is Magic…


When Indian Horoscope Council[1] certified Gajar 2.0, the promise was to bring you luck in your driving experience. Within one week into its launch, the product is already doing wonders. Those who actually hung the carrot in their car are believing in its magic and how!

“My car gave me trouble all the time. Things changed after I hung the Gajar in my car. Some of my friends find it absolutely weird, but that’s okay,” says Rishab, an entrepreneur.

This Gajar is Magic

Gajar 2.0 is a device that comes with a Sixth Sense Power (basically a magic of sorts) that promises to take negative energy away from your life. The concept is simple, hang a Gajar in your car and buri nazar se bacho (protect yourself from evil eye).

Only a week old in the market, this nazar battu Gajar has already found thousands of takers. The product promotes good health, brings luck and prosperity.

Even though I don’t really believe in this kind of stuff, I think I’ll give it a try. But experts in the car gadget business have a different take on this.

This Gajar is Magic Pack

 “We have been in the car gadgets’ business for years now and I’ve never heard of something so strange. We have built products on technology and not superstition! For instance, you can plug our Carot device in your car and it locates your car, helps with safety of your car and family. It also provides better car diagnostics and a host of other benefits. But our device is a gadget based on science, not a totka!” says Shruti Yadav, Product Owner at Minda iConnect Pvt. Ltd.

Dare to give the Gajar a shot?

We’ll unveil what makes Gajar 2.0 the new nazar battu soon…..stay tuned!

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