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Tips for Businesses being reopened during the Pandemic


Many businesses throughout Singapore have been devastated and forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These days, we’re seeing these mandatory restrictions and shutdowns starting to ease, and more businesses are allowed to reopen. This gradual shift came with new rules and new standards for how businesses operate in the new normal. If you are also looking forward to reopen your business, you should start preparing to get back on your feet fast, but with the right mindset.

Explore strategic moves for your business

Things will be different after the mandatory shutdowns and restrictions. Crowd limits and social distancing practices will continue. It’s time to consider how you might need to update your business or shift focus to address the changes that may occur. Consider other products or services you can offer that would be more sensible considering the crisis. Are there alternative ways to offer your services or offer your products to consumers, such as online options?

Some businesses came up with ways continue operation despite COVID-19 business shutdowns. For instance, restaurants remained open with food pickup and delivery services, gyms and yoga studios kept their client base by offering online sessions. At the same time, counselors, healthcare providers, and other consultants continued offering their services via Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. If you can shift and remain in operation, think about whether you can and should continue offering your services on an alternative basis. Through this, you can even branch out your business.

Allow flexibility and remote working

If you can successfully shift employees to remote working, consider whether it’s possible to continue offering this option. For many workers, the importance of flexibility with working from home will continue, even after business shutdowns are lifted.

For your business, it will be even more beneficial to have employees that you know and trust. Additional stress and uncertainties will remain after the pandemic. Needing to train and get new employees up to speed can be detrimental to your processes. The flexible your business is, the more you can maintain your current employee base. Moreover, allowing remote working also helps with social distancing.

Enhance workspace operations and hygiene

Rules on social distancing after businesses reopen will likely remain like restrictions on the number of people permitted to gather in one space or proximity of people to each. Consider your business’s workspace and necessary changes to accommodate these different space needs.

You’ll also need to add added cleanliness and precautions in your business, particularly the community spaces, including shared kitchens, cafeterias, or conference rooms. Consider taking additional measures for a cleaner workplace like adding hand sanitiser dispensers at trafficked places like doorways and elevators or near shared equipment like printers.

End Note

To help you run your SG business with ease right after reopening, you can opt to take out a business loan from your top local lender. Thankfully, you can easily apply online and know if you’ll get approved within a day. If you’re still considering reopening or planning to start a business for the first time, you can also check out SG business articles on a lender’s site. Best of luck!

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