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Tips for Selecting Your Custom Car Cover

If you take long tour away from your home, one of your issues is the protection and care of your car while away. Unless it is garaged, it is subject to damaging UV rays from the sun, bird droppings, bug splatter, nicks, scrapes, falling branches, and more. Upon coming back from your trip, the damage is evident and not quickly changed. You can avoid such type of issues by using a custom car cover to guard your investment. Not all car covers are, so here are some things you should consider before making your investment.

Custom car covers are the covers that are manufactured from shapes and size of your car. Compared with standard car covers that come in selected shapes and designs to fit all cars, custom car covers are made according to the requirements of your car and fitting are according to your car perfectly.

Car covers provided by these companies comprised of certain elements that vary in their utilities. Materials used by cover firms WeatherShield, poly flannel, Noah Barrier Fabric, Evolution Technalon, Tan Flannel, Dustop, Soft Weave, Plushweave, and Sunbrella. WeatherShield and Noah Barrier Fabric are effective for the outdoor and indoor conditions. Noah is made especially for hot environments. Dustop is believed to be extremely suitable for indoor uses, as it provides excellent protection against dirt and other contaminants. Stormweave can work in any extreme weather conditions for example rain, snow, and industrial pollutants.

Are all the car covers same? There are car covers, which are anything from what is a loose suitable tarpaulin to those like the BMW car covers, which are specially made for the particular model of the car. A reduce suitable car covers can actually cause more issues than it can help as unwanted moisture, waste, and dangerous UV rays will still be able to get in.

When shopping for a car covers consider what it does other than cover your car. Questions to ask include:

  • Does it cover from dangerous UV rays? If you live in a powerful sun area, for example, Florida, you need the car covers offering the maximum protection against the sun.
  • How durable is the material? Will it rip if exposed to ice and snow?
  • Will it avoid or absolutely get rid of rain?
  • Can it hold up against cause issues or extreme cold?
  • Will the product avoid dust? Some car covers avoid even the finest dirt from gathering.
  • Does the car covers have extra levels to guard against dings? This is important to have if you leave your car in a public lot!

After learning these question now can find out the best car covers with some main techniques as below:


This technique allows you to add your name, name, or your handle in your car covers. You should begin by purchasing the car covers and taking them to an embroidering shop.

For perfect outcomes, you should buy white, brown, black, or greyish car covers. Car covers with these colors allow you to add your character using a vibrant colored line.

Embroidery services are usually offered in many printing and custom t-shirt firms and for you to get what you want you should write a well-detailed description of what you are interested in. You should explain the typeface, words, and line color that you want.


This is where you change the seat cover using your winning super bowl team logo. You can also personalize it using the best children favorite or flower picture. You should begin by purchasing a fabric with pictures that you like. To ensure it is easy, you should choose a fabric with pictures that are sufficient.

Once you have found the information, you should cut the pictures out and identify where you want to position them on the car covers. You should then metal the picture on the seat cover.

For perfect outcomes, ensure that you use the correct warm setting on the metal. To avoid reducing of the synthetic material, you should position a piece of fabric between the metal and canopy.

You should finish the appliqué by stitching the sides of the picture onto the car covers.

Tie and dye

This is perfect when you are operating cheaply. You should buy white-colored car covers and enormous rubberized bands. You should also buy at least four colors of the best dye.

While sectioning off small and big areas of your car covers, you should position each of the best colors in a huge pail and dip each section of the coverage in the pail. For perfect results, ensure that those car covers is soaked with the dye.

You should repeat the dripping process during your use of dark colors. When, you will be able to color the car covers, wash them with clean water, also remove the rubber bands, and let the coves dry. If you want to remove extra dye, you wash the car covers with the machine before use.

In addition, you will want to know if there is a long warranty included, what colors are available, and what are the return policies, if any.

Yes, you can even remove and clean some car covers yourself. The car covers which are made of super weave material can actually be placed in a washer and cleaned using cold to hot water, frequent washing laundry soap — without lighten, and dry on your dryer’s stable press cycle. In all cases ensure that you totally follow manufacturer requirements for the proper care of the car covers you buy.

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