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Top Rankings is an SEO Agency in Melbourne which has contributed its expertise to determine the top ten digital marketing channels for 2023. The academic Vaibhava Desai describes digital marketing as, “the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.”

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Digital marketing is a broad concept and knowing which channels are best for a business will help the business increase its return on marketing expenditure. This article breaks down the top ten digital marketing channels for businesses based on SEO and marketing agency specialists. 


Top 10 Digital Marketing Channels For 2023

1. SEO 

SEO or search engine optimization is a form of digital marketing which optimizes a business’s website so that it performs better on search engines. This is done to create organic traffic to a website so that a business can interact with more customers and ultimately make more sales. One of the best ways of conducting SEO is by using important keywords in a business website. 

2. Website 

A business website is essential for a business to compete in the modern business world. Many customers will consult a business’s website before making a purchase and it is important to provide these customers with a professional, aesthetically pleasing website. Many tools and platforms exist which allow businesses to build websites without the need to use a professional firm. 

3. Social Media 

Social media marketing is very useful for businesses because it allows businesses to target very specific audiences in specific locations. This can be useful for businesses who are looking to attract a niche audience or who are looking to grow their business in a specific location. Social media also provides an opportunity for a business to engage with its customers without upfront cost. 

4. Email 

Email marketing is useful for businesses who have regular product or service updates which they would like to share with their customers. It is also an effective way of keeping a business in the mind of the consumer. Many services exist which can help a business produce a professional bulk email to their customers. These services can also be useful to gain a better understanding of how customers engage with email marketing. 

5. SEM 

SEM or search engine marketing is a type of digital marketing in which businesses pay to appear high on a search engine. This means that the business will appear before the results of the search and can be a great way of directing traffic to a business website over a competitor. This is particularly useful for businesses who are trying to increase traffic to their website. 

6. Mobile

Mobile marketing targets consumers on their mobile devices through mediums such as applications or websites tailored to a mobile device. Many consumers spend a great deal of time on their mobile devices and this is a way for businesses to engage with their customers in a direct manner. Tailoring an experience for mobile can help customers to better navigate a website and make them more likely to make a purchase. 

7. Display Advertising 

Display advertising is a means of digital marketing which uses predominantly banner advertising on websites to market a business to consumers. This can be useful for businesses who are aware of suitable websites to place their advertising which will be most likely to lead to new customers. It is also important for display advertising to be visually appealing so that more consumers are inclined to click on the advert. 

8. Video 

Video marketing is nothing new but its ability to convey information to a consumer is unsurpassed. Visual media can contain an enormous amount of information and this information can be easily communicated to consumers. Video marketing is also a very accessible form of marketing for consumers because of the nature of visual media. 

9. Affiliation 

Affiliate marketing is when a third party promotes a product or service and receives a commission when the product or service is purchased as a result of their endorsement. Picking the right affiliate is very important in this process because their audience can be leveraged to enlarge the target market of a business. Affiliate marketing is also useful because it incentivises the affiliate to drive interest in the product. 

10. Guest Posts

Guest posts are when an article or editorial is written for a business but does not directly promote that business. Rather the article serves as an informative piece with the addition of a link back to the business’s website. This can be useful for businesses to increase their backlinks online and drive traffic to their websites in a more organic way. It also creates a greater level of awareness about a business. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many avenues open to market in the digital space and the best options have been outlined above. Each business is different and as a result, certain digital marketing channels will be better suited to certain businesses. This also depends on the industry of the business and the target audience which they wish to attract. A business cannot go wrong with the digital marketing channels outlined and ultimately the most effective way to market for any business will be discovered through time and commitment.

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