Top 10 Tips for Switching to a New Phone

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If you’re looking to upgrade your smartphone, there are several things you need to know before making the switch. In this article, we’ll run through our ten top tips for smartphone success!

1: Back up your photos

Our smartphones store so many of our precious memories, it’s important to ensure they are backed up properly before switching over to a new phone. Back up to a cloud-based service, your laptop, or an external hard drive. You may wish to use more than one approach to be certain that photos can be retrieved when you need them.

2: Back up the rest of your files, too!

It doesn’t stop at photos! You’ll also have videos, music, messages, contacts, and other files that need to be backed up. Make sure to do this in plenty of time before switching phones; it can be a surprisingly laborious task!

3: Consider selling your old phone

To fund your new phone, you might want to sell your old one. Give friends and family first refusal, or use an online platform to make some extra cash. Alternatively, you can raise the money for a new phone by taking out a credit card with 0% interest. Don’t forget to do your research into impartial reviews first; start by clicking here.

4: Wipe your old device

To avoid any risk of data breach, make sure to wipe your old phone. This can be done from the Settings section of any device.

5: Get insurance

As careful as we might be, accidents happen! Protect yourself by taking out an insurance policy. Check the details of what’s covered and the payable excess value before you hand over any cash.

6: Ensure you have the right chargers and accessories

Compatibility of accessories – including chargers – between phones can be inconsistent. Before your new phone arrives, make sure you have everything you need to get started.

7: Buy a new case and screen protector

Dropping your phone and smashing the screen is the stuff of nightmares! Fortunately, it’s easy to protect your device from the rough and tumble of everyday life by fitting a screen protector and a case. Don’t forget to double-check compatibility before you buy!

8: Watch tutorial videos

There’s a lot to learn about your new phone! Whilst it’s fun to discover things on your own, it can be really helpful to watch tutorial videos before your device arrives. You’ll have expert knowledge before you’ve even held the phone!

9: Check app compatibility

When switching phones, particularly if you’re moving to a new operating system, you might find that apps you used previously are no longer available. If so, back up any relevant data before you make the switch.

10: Familiarise yourself with new features

The best part! When your new phone arrives, take some time to learn the ropes. Find out where all the essential utilities are located, and get a feel for how everything works. Most importantly, have fun!

What are your tips and tricks for getting to grips with a new phone? Sound off below!

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