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Top 10 Ways to Get Awesome App Reviews

Opinions matter, good or bad! They are the instant judgment of people who have not had prior experience with the subject. And these days anything with a bad review is frowned upon, be it a restaurant, movie or even an app. Here are top 10 Ways to Get Awesome App Reviews

So how can you get a good review for your app? Here are some suggestions.


1. App Review Plugins are the Best

Plugins that prompt the user to review your app are available for iOS and Android platforms. You can take the easy way out by asking people to review it within your app.

Just ask people you know to honestly rate the app and keep an open forum for feedback. It paves the way for new ideas and communication, and is a sure-fire approach to help solve queries. Well appreciated and satisfied users would even give you a better rating.


2. It is the Support that Matters

A website, blog, or a list of FAQs is a great way to provide app support as it provides users several direct ways to contact you. If reviews in the Play Store consist of queries and complaints, do take the initiative to reply and attempt to solve the issue. Integrating Helpshift into your app creates a live interaction with your users.

Users never take bugs and crashes lightly, and are immediately harsh with bad reviews and one-star ratings. But you have to know, it may be because they think this is the only way to reach you and bring your attention to the matter.

3. Delay Sending the Review Prompt

While prompting app users to review the app while they are using it is not uncommon, it’s a better idea to wait for a decent interval before asking them for a review. If users are prompted to review the app upon opening it for the first time, you can be assured of negative feedback.  Instead, let users explore the app for a while and ask them for a review after a reasonable usage interval.

You can also request a rating first and then ask for a review in the next prompt, like Circa, the news app does. They ask users if they enjoy using the app, and then slyly ask them to rate the app and provide additional feedback. As the review prompt is embedded into the newsfeed itself, the users do not feel it being forced upon them.

4. A Great App is a Sure Winner

It goes without saying that building a great app is undoubtedly the most important factor to get a good evaluation. Your app should always offer something of additional value. This would become the reason for people to choose your app, utilize it well and recommend it to others.

5. Roll Out Regular App Updates

While you might be tempted to release all the tweaks in one go, it is a proven strategy to slowly improve the usage of the app. Granted that you have a built an awesome app, however, you can tweak some basic functionality and improve user experience.

Although this seems to be a snarky approach, remember your initial idea is your selling point. Whatever you add on later is just enhancing the wow factor. Whether it is changes to the design, interface or features, frequent updates definitely promise a better future for the app.

6. Monitor and Read Reviews on Time

If you never look and respond to existing reviews, why would someone else review your app in the first place?

App reviews are loaded with feedback, feature requests, suggestions, complaints, better ideas, and what not. Don’t neglect the reviews that are staring you in the face. Keep an eye out for what people are saying about your creation. If you delay your responses by a few months, those users may have already changed over to the next big thing.

7. Incentivize Users

While some users may be tired of receiving incentives to rate apps, it is sometimes the easiest way to get an app reviewed. Gaming apps often offer points for ratings and reviews. However, it isn’t the most recommended step as the iOS platform is strictly against incentives.

8. Look Beyond the Play Store Reviews

These reviews do grant you a place in the search results. But take negative reviews with a pinch of salt. Sometimes people just don’t like to review apps, even great ones. If your app is mentioned in a positive tone, then you don’t even require the review. Remember Whatsapp Messenger grew, not due to good reviews on Playstore, but because of what it offered and word of mouth.

9. Fix Complaints

Now that your app is in the open, users will always have something to tell you or complain about. You need to listen to what they are saying and let them know you’re working on resolving the issues they have with your app. If possible, let them know when the problem will be corrected and keep them in the loop along the process.

10. Get Social Networks to Do it for You

One way to keep people talking about your app is by staying close to your customers’ social networking platforms. This tactic helps developers boost the number of positive user reviews for the app. Each time a new update is rolled out, the entire social community can be prompted to download the new version and report their experiences.

In the end, it’s all about getting more and better app reviews. And it all comes down to creating great apps users love and cherish. If you’ve developed a fabulous app, with just a little effort, you can be sure to secure loads of 5-star reviews!

This article is authored by Sunu Philip, the Inbound Marketing Head for Cabot Technology Solutions - an IT consulting firm specializing in web and mobile technology solutions. Cabot offers progressive end-to-end business solutions, blending a solid business domain experience, technical expertise and a quality-driven delivery model.

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