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Top 100 High PR Directory Submission Sites List 2019


What is Page Rank?

Page rank – is an algorithm used by Google to rank websites in their search engine results. Therefore, High PR Directory Submission Sites are given here to increase your PageRank. Page rank indicates the importance of site pages and google trust. Or in other words, PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by Google to help determine the relative importance of a website. Every website is given a Google PageRank score between 0 and 10 on an exponential scale.

The low page rank low Alexa rank directory sites are not good for your site its never pass good backlink in google eye and traffic. so you must use only high pr directory submission sites.PageRank is also sometimes referred to by the slang term “Google juice.”

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100 Highest PR Directory Submission Sites :-

S.N Site Name PR
# Nimtools
1 Sitepromodirectory 7
2 Highrankdirectory 7
3 Abc-Directory 7
4 Submissiondirectory 6
5 Marketingdirectory 6
6 Siteswebdirectory 6
7 Usalistingdirectory 6
8 Ukinternetdirectory 6
9 Gmawebdirectory 6
10 Dizila 6
11 Promote business 6
12 Somuch 5
13 A1Webdirectory 5
14 Obln 5
15 Addurl 5
16 Ellysdirectory 5
17 Splut 5
18 Techvalley 5
19 Prolinkdirectory 4
20 Tsection 4
21 Travel Info 4
22 Livepopular 4
23 Onlinesociety 4
24 Pegasusdirectory 4
25 1Websdirectory 4
26 Synergy-Directory 4
27 Gainweb 4
28 Ananar 4
29 Pakranks 4
30 247Webdirectory 4
31 Free-Url-Submit 4
32 W3Catalog 4
33 Rdirectory 4
34 Picktu 4
35 Directory-Free 4
36 9Sites 4
37 Businessseek 4
38 Submitlinkurl 4
39 Acewebdirectory 4
40 Baikalglobal 4
41 Elitesitesdirectory 4
42 Momsdirectory 4
43 The-Web-Directory 4
44 Happal 4
45 Puppyurl 4
46 Ranaf 4
47 The-Free-Directory 4
48 Huttodirectory 4
49 Aoldir 4
50 Submission4U 4
51 Botid 4
52 Busybits 4
53 Yoofindit 4
54 Addbusiness 4
55 Bedwan 4
56 Digabusiness 4
57 Wwwi 4
58 Directoryseo 4
59 Thalesdirectory 4
60 Freewebdirectory 4
61 Generalshopping 4
62 Link777 4
63 Eslovar 4
64 Exospy 4
65 H-Log 4
66 Freshtv 4
67 Jewana 4
68 Itzalist 4
69 Seeknit 4
70 Bari 4
71 Yesitsfree 4
72 Net-Sleuth 4
73 Net-Dir 4
74 Unleadeddigital 4
75 Directmylink 3
76 Packages-Seo 3
77 Intelseek 3
78 Wldirectory 3
79 Diroo 3
80 Blahoo 3
81 Alistdirectory 3
82 Business-Finder 3
83 Freedirectory 3
84 Hydeparkbooks 3
85 milliondirectory 3
86 Secondsystems 3
87 Allstatesdirectory 3
88 Linkroo 3
89 General business 3
90 Seoseek 3
91 Usawebdirectory 3
92 Vizem 3
93 Seodirectoryonline 3
94 Freetopdirectory 3
95 Tmaonline 3
96 Enforum 3
97 Directoryint 3
98 Triplewdirectory 3
99 Linkpedia 3
100 Snapcc 3

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  1. I have checked this list, it is really very helpful and i want to thank you for bringing such highly researched information with us. Thanks for sharing such an informative content with us.

  2. I have go through the list,it is very informative and also describes about google page rank and google juice,that is fine. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the great list.. It is really informative, I got experience from this to boost up my website ranking..

  4. Thanks For Sharing. It is very helpful for me to increase my back link. But one advice try to find directory site with main domain only not with sub domain and using same structure and content because Google and other Search Engine will not count these kind of Directory Sites as back links even though they have high PR.

  5. Thanks For Sharing. It is very helpful for me to increase my back link. But one advice try to find directory site with main domain only not with sub domain and using same structure and content because Google and other Search Engine will not count these kind of Directory Sites as back links even though they have high PR

  6. Hi There,
    Thanks for sharing this awesome list of Directory Submission Sites. All sites are live and works fine. Already create an account on several sites listed here. Going to create more account to create backlinks for my blog.

  7. Thanks to share this important site list….directory listing always helps in seo, I will surly to say that directory submission still very important factor in gaining search engine visibility.

  8. Dear Sir,

    Thanks For Sharing Data, Your Data Is Very Helpful For Off Page SEO Submission Works.. I Gland This Blog.. I Will Use Data For My Off Page SEO Works..

    Tahir Malek..

  9. I checked many site and found that this is good list. I hope these site will help me. Thanks for sharing all these sites.

  10. Really very informative post friend, I am newbie in blogging, i just get into your site through google i read many of your articles, these all are informative and they really inspire me!
    Thanks buddy, keep it up!

  11. techniblogic is nice tech blog , I am always reading this blog articles and this post is great and very useful for me.

  12. Thanks for sharing this informative post !!

    These directories really helpful to increase more traffic to my website.

    Thanks again for your outstanding work !!

  13. Thanks you so much for sharing.
    This article and the List of Directory Submission 2017 is very useful
    for me,

  14. The above mentioned backlinking site list is very useful and helpful for me. All are updated and working sites. Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. This Is Wonderful directory submission sites list. All directory sites are high quality and Google SEO friendly. This list is very helpful for us. Thanks for sharing a valuable list.

  16. Thanks man. We just launched our website and are trying to build some good links. Your list is very helpful. Would be great to have another list of local directories sites.

  17. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing list, but some websites take lot of time in approval. If do you have instant approval websites then please share with us, that will help us alot.

  18. Thanks for sharing Free High Authority Directory Submission Sites List, the list of the directory submission is too good.

  19. Thanks for high pr directory submission list. All directory sites are working. Again thanks for sharing.
    -Jatin Thakur

  20. I am a regular follower of your blog. And the points you have mentioned over here are very essential in my point of view.

  21. Thanks for the list, although directory backlinks do not count but if the directory is reputed and with high PR then it definitely pass a good link juice to our sites.


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