Top 3 Website Building Mistakes

Website Building Mistakes

Website building is all about visibility. When your website designer is putting together your website, you need to ensure you do not commit any mistake that will cost you your existence on the Web. It is as important to do things right when you are website building as it is to avoid committing major mistakes. Here is a list of top 3 website building mistakes.

  1. Dating the pages of your website – It might look cool to date content when you are website building, but in the long run, you will soon discover it is a bad idea. Unless you keep updating daily, weekly or even monthly, the website would soon seem outdated just because of the date it bears. This is one of the most common website building mistakes.
  2. Activating automatic date-change feature – Some browsers send emails to those who bookmark sites whenever things are added or changed. In this case, whenever the date changes (every day) the browser would send an alert. Very soon, your site would be de-bookmarked to escape from the ‘false alerts.’
  3. Adding background sound/automatic play video on your site – Some people browse at night when children have gone to bed, or in the office when they have some free time; introducing automatic sound while website building would startle people and force them to shut down the website just to escape from the noise.

You cannot have all the expertise required for website building. There will be times you could do better than anyone else; but in most cases you need to outsource as much as you can. Seek quality above anything else; outsource to experts if you would like certain elements added to a site and you don’t know how to. Website building is not only the process of putting together a great website for your business, but also a method to ensure the highest possible visibility for your site.

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