Top 5 Best Tech News Aggregators that you MUST Know!

Top 5 Best Tech News Aggregators that you MUST Know

Hi Guys, if you are a tech geek and what’s to be the first to know about new technology and gadgets then these websites will help you to do so. Just track of these listed websites, and you will be getting all the updated news from different sources at one place. You can also follow us at our facebook page, where we are sharing real-time news updates.

There are many websites that let you add your favorite blogs or websites and combine it with their RSS feeds which will make you updated in less time, but what about blogs that help you discover new and filtered tech news at one place, there are many other news which you just cannot find on google search.

So, In this article, I will show you the top five tech news websites that make you updated. So let’s get started…

1. Google News

google news

Google, itself is a market leader for aggregating all websites in it. To improve the user experience of readers towards a specific interest and faster reach, they have also started their product called Google News. Google News focus on wider area and once your  website get a approval by google for indexing in google news, then you will surely be getting good amount of traffic. As Google News is big company, they use robots or their system automatically to approve your content.

2. Rapid Tech News

rapidtechnews techniblogic

Rapid Tech News is a Technology News Aggregator which is used to combined all the relevant news at one place. Every post is approved by a human manually and not by any kind of Robot, therefore you will be getting only filtered newson it. It was started in 2 January 2017, but soon going to capture whole lot of stuff. May be when we compared it with google new, it will take few minutes to get the new live, because everything is manual over here. You can also get  top news on a particular day by their ‘Timeline News’ feature where you can sort as per daily top news in one click on the calendar.

If you are a publisher of any tech related blog or website then you can also submit your website to it. I am sure it will help you to grow your audience, as all the traffic will be passed to your website direcly.

3. Techmeme

techmeme techniblogic

It is a very popular website which was started to collect the tech related stories on one page. The user interface is very simple and clean which enhanced the reading experience. The approval of your website in this tech aggregator is little bit hard as it is also being approved by humans only. They are pretty selective to provide good quality content to their users.

4. Fark

fark techniblogic

It is also very popular website for tech related stuff. You can find out a whole lot of contents that you can see on other news aggregators. Overhere they also keep an eye on the content on their website. You can just simply register and submit your website link and you are ready to work with them. It is having a very simple and basic user interface but again the content is the king. So you will find great stuff on this website.

5. Hacker News

hacker news techniblogic

This is another website that help you to keep updated in Tech industry. In this website top content will be shown by getting highest voting by the users. You will get a basic template like Reddit. You can submit your link and if your link get good amount of upvotes it will show on top and you will get huge amount of traffic.

Thus, these are some websites that you must check to stay updated in the tech industry. As Tech Industry is growing at a very rapid pace, It will be very difficult to follow all different blogs and website. Therefore, this is the best way to track all the news at one place.

Hope you like this article and I will be updating you about different technology soon, So till then just make sure to follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to my website.Stay tuned for the next post in which i will be showing up top 5 Tech News App you Must Know. 🙂

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